10 Android Apps for People Who Love Blogging on the Go

Blogging Apps On The Go

Everyday a huge number of events happen in the internet, and if you are the owner of an interesting and popular blog you need to know and follow these apps. Blogging on the go by using these apps make it better by giving you more ways to post.

This article is mainly compromised of useful apps to maintain your blog using a mobile device. As everyone know that blogging is an intensive activity which originally done in the familiar of a workstation, has gone mobile.



It is a well-known fact that word press is the most popular platform for blogging. This application is fully functional. The main purpose of this app is it goes through the job of posting drafts, publishing and scheduling date for publication. An easy way to moderate comments, create or edit posts, adding images or videos is possible with the help of wordpress.com.with the support of wordpres.com users of all experience levels can get going within sec.


Android app for blogger.com

Start blogging the go with official blogger app!
Now, experience the official version of blogging app.

This application is used in managing the blogger account from his/her iphone.It helps in posting short and simple articles. The main functionality of this app is you can easily publish the posts with pictures, labels and local information. If you have a large amount of accounts, you can easily switch between them.


free blogging apps android iphone tumblr

It is one of the greatest application or minimalist site for the world’s creators. You can post anything like share photos, video, quotes, chats, links and text. You can also find people from your respective address book. It plays a major role from saving your drafts, quote posts, customize tweets etc…Seamlessly you can manage all of your blogs or accounts.


Free dictionary app for Android Dictionary.com

Are you feeling difficult with same sounding but different spelled words?

Here is the solution for your problem. The dictionary.com app is well executed and it’s free, although it has two ads that actively run on the page. This app enables you not to make any spelling mistakes in your writing. The smartest thing about this app is that it allows you to save words that you find, and allowing you to come back and review them later.



Do you like to have an app that makes you to “Remember everything”?

It is a comprehensive way to save all your ideas, photos, and voice and text notes at a single place. It also lets your notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.


Web Masters HTML Editor for android

It has amazing features when compared with other apps. It enables you to edit and work with CSS (cascading style sheets), PHP (hypertext preprocessor) and JavaScript. Have a handy source code editor in your pocket! This editor supports features like undo/redo, built in virtual keys for tags and popular key phrases. It is said to be one of the best ideal for web authoring and programming on the go.


gAnalytics for android

You can experience this application for checking your analytics status anywhere. It provides you with access to most of the details from your Google analytics account in your real life. It also provides hourly views, clean visualizations.


Photo Editor

This app deals directly with enhancing the quality of your images. Even though there are many photo editing apps in the market, but this app seems to have a bloggers need’ in mind. It helps you to resize, crop or draw over images in more advanced way.


SwiftKey X Beta

It makes you understand how words work together. It gives more accurate corrections and predictions compared with other keyboards. It makes typing  easier on your mobile. You can also personalize or experience it by using your Gmail, Facebook, twitter or blog spots. It is said to be a huge time saver.

10. PAYPAL:-

Paypal for android

It is one of the greatest Apps for bloggers because many of them get paid through this service. It is a fantastic tool for bloggers. You can accept payments from others send money, shop online, and more using PayPal application. Link a bank account to experience the functionality of this app. Advantages of thee app are secure and convenient.


Overall, blogging from ones mobile system isn’t as difficult with the range of apps available in the Google Play Market.

It’s not idealistic, and the knowledge is more challenging than exciting, but for anyone who is left without choice, after that it’s good to learn that easy it really is. If you can afford to outsource some blogging tasks to a company like YEAH Local while you are traveling, you would do better with your time, collecting new experiences for your blog, rather than figuring out how to use your phone to do it while in some beautiful place, missing out.

This software might not a complete list – there could even better ones in existence – but it’s a great place to begin if at any time you should blog faraway from your desktop computer.

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay

About Rashmitha

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay


  1. Good number of apps!!.. thanks for the list. Gonna give a try soon!..

  2. I love to read technical blogs. And your post is such a nice post about blogging with the help of android.

  3. These apps are certainly helpful for bloggers who are always on the go. There are times that you get inspired while you are on the road and being able to write about it as soon as the inspiration comes can help make the post even more beautiful.

  4. Nice post Saikrishna. I have already use WordPress apps and its really working better for me.
    Thanks for sharing the great collections of apps.

  5. Hey Rashmita,

    I like 3, 5 and9 apps. Those are seems to be really great and they’ll come in handy for bloggers.

    I’d like to add one more app for bloggers who run after productivity: Any.DO

    It’s a to-do manager that keeps you on top of all your tasks. It’s simple to use and full of features to help you remember everything you need to do, great app for bloggers 🙂

  6. I have never used the Google Analytics app before. Its seems as if it would get a little convoluted because it is such as robust platform. I need to try it and see how user-friendly it is.

  7. Expense Tracker 2.0 iPad app is a personal finance management application designed for any individual, to get control over your daily expenses on the move.

  8. Nice apps!!! I’m going to try them..

  9. Very nice list of apps. I am definitely gog to try this all. Thanks fro sharing .

  10. Thank you for this very informative post. It is a pleasure reading this. I really like your idea in posting. Keep up the good work.

  11. Blogger and Evernote are my one of favorites and I love them, infect they are installed on my all of android devices also.

  12. I have been blogging since last 1 year but hadn’t made any significant success in the field. I think iam lacking in link builup. I like your articles about blogging, link buildup and stuffs. Learned a lot from your blog.
    Can u tell me some quick ways to build backlinks? I’ve subscribed to your comment.

  13. Wow, I need these apps and here they are.
    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  14. very useful information Rashmitha..! i use the blogger and tumbler android apps.your artical helps me lot thank you!

  15. Best list of applications. i was looking for it so long. Thanks you Rashmitha for this post.

  16. I blog daily and wouldn’t be able to if it wasn’t for the WordPress app on my s3. Definitely a live saver.

  17. Fantastic post Rashmitha! I hope the blogger mobile app will be as good and easy to navigate like the pc own?

  18. 10 Android Apps for people who love Blogging on the go…Best list of applications. i was looking for it so long. Thanks you Rashmitha for this post.

  19. The official blogger app is a way behind. Lot more improvements needed!

  20. I like these Blogger and Google analytics android apps to get more detailed regarding blogs.
    Paypal is also get important android app to do some transfer.
    Thank you for proving really good list.

  21. Great list of android app for bloggers. I’ve been using wordpress for android mainly because my blog is on WP platform. The app is very easy to use and fast.

  22. Really a great list. The second app would be surely very useful for me. Thanks again. 😀

  23. Thanks saikrishna for your good content. now android era is running. i think this article is very useful to all blogging lovers. they can complete minimum work with applications. once again thank you.

  24. Great post and Thanks for Share !

    Evernote is the best app used in blogosphere to note down their ideas

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