10 Foolish Social Media Mistakes you Need to Know

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Everyone makes mistakes, but a mistake makes us to learn life lessons. Social media is an excellent way to build your personal brand. The success or failure of social media strategy is because of in correct execution.

Are you making mistakes in social media marketing which always resulting in failures? Then here are the best solutions for you. This article shows you how to make minor adjustments in social media which results in exponential results.

1. Starting without a plan:-

This is the primary mistake made by most of them. A social media campaign requires a well-laid-out plan before execution. Make a plan in such a way that what exactly market wants. The target should be audience. Go through the conversations around your company before firing up your campaign. Plan what you need to engage with them. Have a talk with the customers about the sites they are using exactly. Make sure that how can you link your social media campaign into traditional marketing, how to measure your success and social objectives.

Starting with a good plan would give you a road map for what you need and to reach your goal.

2. Breaking the rules of social media etiquette:-

Make sure that you start social media campaign having basic understanding of some rules.

  • Start conversation through provoking questions:- Concentrating on trends is an excellent way to increase engagement among your social media followers.
  • Don’t follow a person on twitter, until they follow you:- The reasons behind you are following a person or a brand is because you value the content they are sharing not because they have more followers.

3. Not posting enough:-

Are you busy to post your social media accounts on a daily basis? Then try to do it at least every few days or weekly. People will begin to feel like not to engage with you because you’re account is inactive always.post a mix of content, images, videos, links to blogs, updates for your business. This will lead to get the best results from social media.

4. Ignoring your social reach:-

Building your reach will lead your social media success. It is not too hard to implement.

Once you have set up your social media accounts, don’t forget to check direct messages as well as any posts of your followers tweet or send to your face book. Don’t ignore the questions, concerns, feedback and complaints.

  • Email to your customers and followers and make them to know about your social profiles.
  • If you share your valuable content with your customers, they will become more aware of your business and likes to follow.
  • Every follower finds easy way to share your content, so add social sharing buttons to your website.

5. Thinking it’s going to be good:-

This is the most common mistake made by many of them. Many of you don’t spend enough time to your new marketing endeavor.

You need to spend more time on social media marketing as your plan on spending. It leads to a great advantage for some marketers.try to spend the time to invest in your social media success by examining your current efforts, and identify the underperforming activities.

6. Communicating without listening:-

In social media, sharing information without listening to the conversations of your audience is social suicide. You must listen as much as you talk.

Avoid this mistake as early as possible and start responding to your audience. It makes you get exposure eventually. Social media engagement is a multi-way highway which requires precision, stamina and awareness but also helps you to enjoy the ride.

7. Forgetting about leads:-

Leads in marketing context are nothing but an individual expressing an interest in your goods and services. You need to generate a high-quality lead which makes your sales team convert into customers. Collect people’s information and enter it into your sales fund. By generating the leads you can write an effective call-to-action which explains your followers to do something in a particular way.

8. Too much self promotion:-

The best way to make people turn off is to use social media to constantly try to sell something. But this makes you to lose your audience. You need to provide value that shows clearly you’re the expert, you can create interest to encourage prospects and you have the capability to engage with your brand by visiting your website or any other way.

9. Paying less:-


There are many offers running everywhere.Dont become a fool by fan-buying (throwing around money with no intended target audience or focused plan).It is a way to waste your time and money. If you are really interested on spending money for fans use ads. The ads should not be fake profiles. The best way to build a Social media following is be visible with good content among people invested in your knowledge.

10. Being boring:-

Many of you may think that by having a click on “publish” will make your business interesting. This is not the right thing. You need to craft your business in an excellent way that everyone should show interest. The best way is create a content to followers that delivers useful information. This is possible only by creating personas, images of your idea customers.


She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay

About Rashmitha

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay


  1. Starting social media promotions without a plan is almost equivalent to wasting our olden time, because we won’t achieve our goals without knowing what to do and what not.

  2. Mistakes in social media marketing or any publishing media causes heavy failures in where.

  3. Also I have seen a very big mistake our bloggers do that is making posts much as they can and become a spamer on that social media…. After that they will lost everything on that social site… so as he said be patient and well planed…

    • Yes Sanjaya, it depends upon what we post or share on the social media. If it’s a valuable information or related content, it goes well if not it’s of no use and people can grant it as a spam content.
      So, content is key for existence.
      Thank you 🙂

  4. yeah, internet marketing plan can be valuable because it gets worldwide exposure.

  5. These are fantastic tips. I believe number 10 is often the most neglected. Content is often treated poorly, and people do not have the time to read content that isn’t engaging, exciting, and conversational.

  6. I’ve always known that using social media to potentially increase the traffic you’re getting to your website was a fact. What I didn’t realize however is that it literally takes much more than sharing your posts on it. The 10 mistakes you mentioned are certainly helpful because you can avoid them once you know them.

    • That’s really a great supporting comment from you Felicia 🙂 and yeah I agree with you point regarding the time taking process when do sharing our posts on social media. But note that we get fruits from our hard work.
      Glad to have your comment Felicia 🙂

  7. This is a very useful & considerable point for social media promotions, i like your work, thanks to sharing nice post.

  8. Boring! this word really means alot for every blogger, if your blog posts are boring, then no one will love to come again to your blog and you cant be a good affiliate marketer…

    • Yeah… Nishant, we must make our readers not to get bored off from our content. Such that, they will stay on our blog/site engaged more time on the content.
      Hope the article is useful for you 🙂

  9. Great post. It was really useful. Being boring is a no-no, we should make our posts sound as interesting as possible. 😉

  10. Hi Rashmitha,
    Really, I appreciate your post, because generally we do such kind of silly mistakes that we are not aware of it. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  11. very useful tips Rashmitha..! this tips keep me high mainly on fb.I just follow this tips and avoid my misteks and my fb fan page likes increses automatically. once again thanks sound.

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