19 Basic Tips for Bloggers Who Like To Make Money Online

blogging to make money online

Are you curious about how to make money online? The best way is to go for blogging. It is not rocket science. It just takes consistent action and good attitude.

The best thing you can do in spare time is blogging have penned down here some of the blogging tips in a fantastic way hoping it will help you a lot. Being frank it is an excellent way to start your own business online. Have a glance through it.

1. Free blogging platform

Are you new to blogging? Then don’t worry. The best way is you can choose either blogger or word press org for creating your blogs. Both are free of cost. It is very easy to create blogs with the help of blogger. One more advantage you need to know is you can post as many blog entries by using this software’s. It is very easy to upload pictures, videos etc.

2. Size of the blog post

Are you in confusion for selecting the size of your blog post? Be sure that your article should be free from grammatical and other type errors. Don’t forget to go for proof read and editing your blog post before publishing it.

3. Register your domain

Here is the website which will help you to shine your new blog www.example.com are you trying to make people able to find you at an easy address then purchase a domain name for yourself.

4. Pick an interesting niche

Having a specific niche of particular interest to a lot of readers is one of the prettiest ways to increase site following. Are you expertise in any of these fields finance, health, and relationships, and then choose these three niches. You need to have a great passion for them, which makes you to write more number of articles.

5. Introduce your blog to the online world

One of the best way to increase your blogging is you need o introduce your blog to online. Social media sites like facebook twitter etc will help to find traffic for your new blog. You can search the sites, find people groups to connect. You need to join the conversation and slowly they will start visiting your blog. Learn what they teach in Franklin Hatchett’s youtube tutorial and create short informational videos about your blog and link them to your social media networks.

6. Advertising

The most obvious way to derive income from your blog is to include advertisements. The ads come in the form of banner ads, text links. Here are some of the most common advertising programs.

  • Google Ad sense
  • Amazon Associates
  • Pay-Per-Post
  • eBay Affiliates

7. E-Books

Do you want to bring some revenue to your blog? Then here is the solution. Write eBooks and offer it for sale.

8. Quality or Quantity:-

Both are important for blogging but quality plays a major role compared to the quantity. A blog is said to be a good quality blog if it has a catchy title, good keywords and helpful information for readers.

9. How often you should blog?

There is no restriction that you need to post only these many posts. You can post as much blog posts as possible. If your blogs earn you good income, then don’t forget to hire ghost writers to post more blog entries daily.

10. Impressive title

The title you are selected should be in an impressive way such that everyone should feel excite to read and go through the article. It is not only needed to have quality content but you need to have an attractive title to grab the reader’s attention.

11. Avoid posting about anything that violates AdSense levels and conditions

Don’t post or promote illegal content like movie downloads videos of copyrighted shows and programs etc.

12. Be perfect with the basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and SEO

You can create a blog but to make it grow efficiently you need to be perfect with the basic concepts of HTML, CSS coding as well as Search Engine Optimization. It can be possible by going through free tutorials and videos online. The only things you need to do is read, watch, learn and should apply in your own blog.

13. Apply for Google AdSense account

First thing you need to do is posting a few quality blog entire. Then apply for Google ad Sense. Don’t forget that Google ad sense is the best program to make money online for a blogger. If you get an approval from Google, you can start making money by blogging.

14. Use powerful Keywords

Make sure that you are using right keywords in your article. You can use main keyword about 3 to 5 times in a 400 words article.

15. Including RSS Feed

If you’re going to have regular readers, it is good to install RSS feed in your blogs, which help your regular readers to know about your latest blog entry.

16. Placing Google advertisements

For placing goggle ads you need to have knowledge. You need to do a research and find the right size ads and a good place to place them.

17. Creating an email list

You need to create an Email list and send regular e-mails for updating your blog. This is possible by creating an E-mail list.

18. Money is not the main goal

First thing you need to have a lot of passion about blogging. Then only you can work innovatively which leads to success.

19. Perseverance

It is not possible to achieve success in one day. It requires a lot of hard work for long period to get an efficient success. Maintain patience, strong determination and perseverance which are the keys to make your blogging success.

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay
About Rashmitha

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay


  1. Just today morning , i got rejected by adsense again, but this post reminded me of perseverence

  2. Well written article Rashmitha, I’ve one tips to earn money by E book is instead of selling E books, we can build lists by offering free E books and offer genuine affiliate products to list of people. All we need is how to market affiliate products without spoiling lists.

    Thanking you 🙂

  3. very useful post…
    thank u…

  4. Good written post. Yes, every blogger must follow these tips to make money genuinely. Good writing skill along with the patience is also one of the key to success in blogging. Thanks for sharing the tips n keep writing.

  5. Hey,

    Superb post written, it’s very useful for New Bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

    Sohil Memon.

  6. i have seen so many posts regarding this topic of money making, but this one is quite apt and direct… clear thoughts can generate convince us, and this is very convincing!!

  7. Not only for new bloggers but for experienced online marketers to know the true importance of their works and able to convert them to something that they can offer them profit.

  8. Thanks for sharing this brilliant ideas . This could help me on my online career. Again, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Hi,
    Yes this is true for all bloggers that they expect to get some income online from their blogs. So, I like the tips that you have mentioned above in your post. Impressive title and unique content is important for your blog to get the attention of your readers. Thanks for the share!!

  10. Blogging is one of the most well-known methods of making money through the Internet. If you are among the many individuals blogging for pleasure and just to pass time, you should realize that while doing so, you are also able to potentially use your blog to make money. Let’s have a look at how you and your blog can combine to be a powerful income generator.

  11. I’ve been blogging/ designing and developing tech sites and advertising on them for quite a few years and have to admit, you’re pretty spot on with your post. However, with the changes to search that Google brought about last year, getting on-page SEO right is more important than ever. Backlinks only go so far nowadays.

  12. I must say that this post is not only for bloggers but for anyone who is struggling to make money online. Thanks for the useful post!

  13. Some excellent tips. I agree with most of the ones but I don’t think you should go for a free blogging platform. It’s like keeping a way out if you fail. And if it gets successful then you will have a hard time converting the existing visitors to your new domain.

  14. I’m on Google adsense very disappointed, because Google is often unreasonably blocked account

  15. We should know how to use social media at its best and without knowing it well we could not be good in promoting our brand or growing our business online.Thanks.

  16. These are really good basic tips and you have a longer and clearer list compared to other blog money making tips posted. Earning money through blogging isn’t really that easy. It will involve hardwork, good strategies, realistic plans, and most importantly the passion in writing an interesting and creative content. Nice share!

  17. Blogging is one of the top ways to earn money online. Earning online is not easy. It will take some time and you should be equipped with some strategies. These tips you have shared are great not only for bloggers but also to other people who want to make money online. Nice post!

  18. Great tips for this blog..thanks!!! SEO now is different like before because of google update.. me and my seo team sad when they change the google but even though we are still happy because we have earning while waiting for another work for us .Thanks and Gudluck!

  19. My brother recommended I may like this web site. He used to be entirely right. This put up truly made my day. You can not consider just how so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  20. Blogging is indeed one of the sure shot way to make big bucks online, but it is not surely the easiest of the lot. Blogging requires a continuous dedicated efforts on part of the blogger along with a high level of patience to survive in the difficult stream of waters. The tips perfectly highlight each and every scenario and the manner in which the blogger should act. Thanks for sharing the great tips.

  21. Excellent website you have here but I was curious about if you knew of
    any community forums that cover the same topics talked about here?
    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get responses from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Many thanks!

  22. I wish someone had shared these tips when I started out blogging; I would have made lesser mistakes 😉 Thanks for sharing the tips; I ‘ll make the most of this.

  23. Sometimes we dont have to be extraordinarily great in order to become successful online. We only have to consider becoming patient and resourceful. 🙂

  24. I agree on this too “Avoid posting about anything that violates AdSense levels and conditions”. When Google penalize your blog then it means that you income will go down too and that is something that we don’t what to happen.

  25. Quality is the key! The more interesting you write the more visitors come and share your content on social networks, so if you write a demanding article then it is fairly chance that you will gain lots of money.

  26. This is not my line of work but i find it very useful and very informative. Thank you so much for posting this. I gathered lots of ideas here. Keep posting for more. Great work!

  27. I extremely feel enjoying when reading this blogging tips. I would like to request you publish some adsense tips in your future updates. Thanks for sharing this informative stuff with us.

  28. Great article… I’m just waiting to get approval for AdSense on one of my other blogs…

  29. Thanks a lot for all the tips. I think your ideas are perfect for a blogger. But some of your points like writing posts as often as we can can be risky at times. Can it happen that people may not notice some of the posts which were posted two weeks ago and the blogger happens to post everyday. But on the whole your post is fantastic!

  30. Hi,

    Do you agree that it is good for any (own) website or blog to have Twitter account, Google + page, Facebook page and Pinterest page?

    Which social network is currently the best?

    Sorry on my English which is not the best 🙂


    All the best!

  31. Awesome blog post. I am looking for solution how to earn money online. But couldn’t find it. Now I become truly successful with these awesome tips of money earning online.

  32. These are useful tips.but it must be a big work and you should do more details.I think the first thing to do is leaning to make myself skillful.And I’m trying best to make money online.Thanks for your sharing,Rashmitha

  33. Wonderful tips you have here Rashmitha! It is very helpful and I appreciate how you emphasize and include the value of quality vs quantity and perseverance! Keep sharing!

  34. I also applied for Google Adsense last month but was rejected. It seems it is harder to be approved by google nowdays..or maybe i dont know the tricks..hehe

  35. Thank you for the wonderful article on making money online. Blogging is now a skillful way to make money by several methods

  36. These are forever tips to make money from blog. Impressive and unique content is key for a blogger to win in this blogosphere… 🙂

  37. Nice article. I love the way you have written.Online earning is very difficult. Keep posting for more. Great work!

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