19 Impressive Tips to Start an Effective E-commerce Website

E-commerce, it is one of the excellent things which make our lives much easier and more pleasing. It plays an efficient role in customer’s lives. With the help of E-commerce website customers can order anywhere, anytime with just only one click.

E-commerce Shopping Online

It contains 100 to 1000 pages where you will have a chance to buy or sell products or services. Its features are:-

  • Faster
  • Requires collection of data
  • Includes shipping more frequently

Do you feel exciting to know, what are the secrets of making an e-shop successful? Here are some of the tips to create an E-commerce website.


1.Unique Title:-

As stated earlier, it contains number of product pages. It is better if you give different title for different pages. So, that search engines will feel easier way to browser tabs and search results. Use H1, tag for product page title.


2. Give the customers what they are looking for:-

It is compulsory that e-shops should think in customer point of view. Try to understand what customers are looking for and what exactly they need. Your task is to help your visitors find the products they need.


3. Optimized Product images:-

Optimized Product images

Make sure that you are including images from every angle with zoom-in on image hover. Don‘t open the image in new tab. It will be good if you include “At1” and “Tile” tag to product images.


4. Usability, not aesthetics, come first:-

It is very important that you need to take care about design itself. The design should be effective. E-Commerce industries like eBay Amazon became giant due to effective design.


5. Include every aspect of the product:-

Before buying a product customer checks about price, discount, charge etc. So, you need to mention all the details about the product. It will be good if you include a short video review about the product.


6. Refining Options Bring Joy:-

Do you want to make customer’s experience better?

Then you need to provide the user with a useful refinement option. It is very important in the instance of sizing.


7. Make your visitors trust you:-

Do you want to see that your visitors trust you? This is possible with the successful combination of design, usability, text content, metrics I able to create an experience through which clients will trust you.

8. Convenient:-


The information you are going to provide should be in a convenient way for the customers as they love to be able to search vast stores of information. A site that facilitates collecting multiple items in a shopping cart can greatly simplify the shopping process.


9. Reading the product with less clients:-

Customers like to reach the product with less number of clicks. It includes multiple ways. They are:-

  • Well planned-categories
  • Ability to narrow products by price, product features, brands, etc.
  • An easily reachable product search from.


10. More and High Quality Photos:-

More and High Quality Photos

Everyone believes what they see. So, it will be better if you add more number of photos. It provides the user to decide if that is the product they need. Make sure that you are using high-Quality images.


11.  Why people should purchase from you?

Make it clear that why should customers need to purchase anything from your website? Are you going to offer low prices? Fast shipments? High quality product reviews?

You need to concentrate on all these things. Amazon.com offers all basic features that an E-commerce site needs.



12. Include some Advanced Features:-

The more features you are including, the more number of customers will follow you. Consider an example as many people purchase products as gifts for other people. It involves details like wrapping, receipts, return etc.

Include some Advanced Features


13. Use Well-Tested Software:-

Are you in a confusion to use which type of software? You may be using ready-to-go software or built a new one from scratch. You need to test how it works very well on every level like Browsing, payments, cart functions etc.


14. Use SSL In Every Page When Collecting Critical Data:-

While you are in the process of collecting information such as registration forms, editing account details, credit card details you need to switch to the website to SSL URL as it is measures the security.


15. Install Secured Payment Gateway:-

Payment gateway is the heart of an E-commerce website. If you want to choose payment gateway you need to look for cart compatibility, multiple card, and currency support, Fraud detection, PCL compliance etc.

Install Secured Payment Gateway


16. Provide Live Chat Support:-

Customers expects a lot of help from your site as they are about to buy a product. To satisfy the customer requirements it is better to provide live chat on every page with a clear link or image.


17. Use Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster:-

These Webmasters helps you to track crawler’s efficiency. You will have a choice on which page should be crawled and which page should not.

Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster


18. Make Payment Processing Easy:-

Online shoppers need a way to give your money online. You can accept credit card payments with either a PayPal account or an online merchant account. In this way you can make Payment Processing easy.


19. Get as Close As You Can Get:-

eBay has done a masterful job by showing which queries would have produced results. This advanced technique should be a wake-up call to others.


If I miss anything let us know your valuable feedback through comments

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay

About Rashmitha

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay


  1. i wish to add one thing…..add FAQ
    It will help the clients

  2. Very impressive points mentioned in the post for handling any e-commerce website. I like to add one more point on this. Those products pages, which doesn’t exist should be removed from webmaster tools, otherwise Google bots will find difficulty in crawling your site.

  3. E-commerce is really the most emerging trend.

  4. In today’s world consumers can reach out for a wide variety of products in the web, due to the revolution created by Internet. Ranging from books, clothes, gadgets, accessories, groceries and more, Internet has facilitated consumers to pick the products of their option and get it delivered at their place. Nice Article Rashmitha .

  5. In today’s world, Ecommerce is touted as the most happening thing in the business world. However, with every other person vying to get a pie of this fastest growing sector, competition has literally become cut throat. Your Ecommerce website is the vehicle which can make you stand apart in the crowd and let you sail through the tide of competition with success. Naturally, the need is to have a dynamic and cart chosen highly interactive website which for an Ecommerce website is determined to a large extent by the shopping.

  6. That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and implement the points outlined.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this tips. It’s very interesting and very informative. I find this very useful. Now I know some tips for an effective e-commerce site. Keep posting for more. I really appreciate your work. Keep it up. Good job!

  8. Here are two additional tips:

    Offer a variety of payment methods. For example, not everyone may have a PayPal account.

    Another is to cross sell and upsell by using related products.

  9. Which is the Best Ecommerce platform which we should use for Ecommerce websites?

    Where we can add content, products , categories dynamically and also can add the check out with variety of options. ?

    Please explain that as well.

  10. E-commerce is really the most emerging trend.

  11. E-commerce websites really grows in number today, especially that you can gain more targeted people and provide a greater customer experience through the internet. I agree to your point “Usability, not aesthetics, come first”. Most clients in web design always think of the aesthetics and this is really a wrong way of thinking. You need to think about your customers, what they need and what they want to see. Customers are the number one priority.

  12. I totally agree that such as magento and opencart , prestashop is top platforms for eCommerce. You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I find this matter to be actually something which I feel I might never understand. It seems too complex and extremely huge for me. I am looking forward to your subsequent post, I will try to get the cling of it!

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