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How do you develop an app?

Mobile phones are something that many people cannot live without these days; they not only allow people to contact each other very easily but in modern phones people can also access the internet in order to gain any kind of information they need. Something that has allowed mobile phones to improve dramatically over the last [Read More…]

3 Tips for Beginners to Setup Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a blogging platform that is loved by many due to its numerous customization options and sleek interface that resembles a professionally-made website. So, you’ve made the decision to jump on the WordPress bandwagon, but are confused about where to start. This post will discuss three tips that you can use as a beginner [Read More…]

How to Install Windows 7 and Windows 8 on Pen-drive/USB

Installing the Windows Operating System on the Pen drive is so easy. And it is necessary for those who want to take a preview of the Windows Operating System before installing in the System. This trick will save the time from uninstalling and re-installing the Current Windows Operating System in the computer and more over we can use [Read More…]

Social Media Ranking Factors Under 11 Potential Tips For SEO

Being frank search engine optimization (SEO) is either largely influenced or not at all influenced by social media. Now the search engines have declared that they are using additional social media information as part of organic ranking equation. The ranking calculations, they are using the space primarily for the sake of twitter and facebook. Here [Read More…]