Archives for July 2014

How to Write a Privacy Policy For Your Blog?

     Information collected about your users allows you to improve your blog and create more user friendly environment for the users with privacy policy page. But what information you collect as an owner of site or blog and how you use the information is largely regulated by various privacy laws. Drafting of a good [Read More…]

5 Mistakes Made by Companies on Social Media

     Social media has become a prominent platform for businesses today. Small businesses establish themselves over the web through this easily accessible and affordable marketing option. However, not everyone is able to benefit from this profitable venture. Not because they don’t make efforts, but because they utilize it in a wrong way. Let’s have [Read More…]

17 Best Free Online SEO Tools Every Blogger Must Use

For an SEO campaign to be successful, it is necessary to have an arsenal properly and wisely chosen SEO tools. There are many SEO tools in the market that help your SEO campaign to achieve desired results, but are heavy on your pocket. The best way to get proper tools for your SEO campaign is [Read More…]

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