4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

With the rise of marketing through social media, email marketing has seen a dip over the years. However, if you use it strategically, it can still be an effective marketing tool for your business.

Email marketing has also evolved with time. Gone are the days when you had to create your own HTML email. Various niche service providersoffer fascinating email templates and powerful automation software to help you draft an impactful marketing mail in no time.

4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

The service providers maintain lists, create campaigns and handle legal formalities for you. Thus, even with all the required services at tips, many businesses still ignore it. If you want to initiate an effective email campaign for your promotion but have no idea where to start from, here are a few methods to get started with.

#1: List Building

You can’t just send an email newsletter to anyone. You need to build a list of emails of people who opt to receive it. That includes your existing clients. You need to take their explicit permission before sending them any promotional mail.

List Building - 4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

Hence, the foremost task here is to prompt people to sign up to receive your newsletter. Implement one or all of the following techniques to build your list:

  • Incentives: Offer eBooks, newsletters, premium documents, or other similar incentives to the subscribers.
  • Discounts/Special offers: Tempt people by asking them to enter their mail address in the subscription box in order to receive extra discounts and special offers on the company’s products.
  • Pop-up boxes: Quite popular these days; a pop-up box flashes on your screen generally when you stay for 30 seconds or more on a blog. It would often have a catchy line written and ask the viewer to subscribe.
  • Offers through social media: Various site and blog owners also create apps and special offers that require users to sign up in order to access it.

#2: Introductory Email

Draft a mail for new sign-ups that is precise in nature and mentions what the users can expect from your site. Tell them the type of content that you’ll be sending in upcoming newsletters and how frequently would you be sending them.

Introductory Email - 4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

Choose an elegant design for the mail. Don’t overstuff it with what’s not necessary. Remember, it’s an introductory mail. It should only contain the highlights of expectations by the user.

The worst thing would be not delivering what you had promised for. Live up to the expectations of users in order to develop a decent reputation.

#3: Daily mails are a big no-no

You are sure to see a drop in your subscribers if you bug the daily with your promotional mail. Even if the content is of use for the viewer, no one likes to be bombarded with daily mails from one sender.

Daily mails are a big no-no - 4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

If you publish a lot of content, put them in a newsletter on weekly basis. However, most users prefer monthly mails. Too many frequent mails are a big turn off for many viewers.

#4: Don’t mislead with the subject line

Many users unsubscribe a site’s regular mails when they read something in the mail’s subject line and find something else within. Keep the subject line catchy and related to your content. If possible, develop a consistency with your subject that you use every month.

Don’t mislead with the subject line - 4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

Unrelated and misleading subject lines can affect your readership greatly. Study reflects that almost 1/5th of readers would report such mails as spam even when they know it isn’t.

Hence, craft the subject line carefully and with full dedication. The best way to write a catchy subject line is to include the USP of your brand in it every time.


  Conclusion on 4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques    You can even create different lists if your targeted groups are varied. For instance, you can separate lists of men and women tosend them personalized newsletters that would be of interest of only that particular sex.

     If you’re looking to run a rigorous marketing campaign, you can’t just ignore marketing through email. It won’t be a cakewalk, but the results will be fruitful if you devote sufficient time to it.

Hope this article helps you guide Effective E-Mail Marketing Trends and Techniques, Feel free to drop down your suggestions and feedback through comments.

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