4 Things to Look Up Before Getting an Android Tablet

Choosing Android Tablet

If you are one among those who get confused before buying an adroid Tablet, Then this post will be very helpful to you in  choosing a best tablet the satisfy your needs.

There are hundreds of Android tablets out there on market. They come with different specifications, android versions, dimensions, shapes and sizes. Picking up good one is always confusion for many of us. So i thought to write a post on this to guide you at my best.

There are many factors that need to be considered before buying an android tablet but these 4 factors are very important among all those. The most important thing before the below mentioned factors is “The Price”. First select a price range which you can afford and then go through the factors mentioned below. If you go for cheap tablets then you can’t get higher versions of OS and even performance will be worse..!


1. Version of Operating system:-

4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of android tablets. Even the honeycomb is a good one to choose. But i recommend you to always pick the upgraded version. Many features will differ from version to version, as extra stuff will be added for user’s convenience. Using upgraded version will let you to enjoy the best experience while using the apps, games and other features.


2. Hardware Configurations:-

Processor, Internal memory, RAM, Camera, Battery, USB ports and all these things come under the hardware configuration. These are considered as the most important factors that one need to check before buying any tablet or mobile. See that your configuration should be somewhere nearer the below mentioned list

Processor: – 800- 1 GHz. Never go for Processor which is less than 800.

Internal Memory: – 2 GB

RAM: – 512 MB. Anything above this can perform better.

Camera: – 3 MP +. Make sure that it has front cam too…

Ensure that it has good battery life for both talk time and stand by time. Also make sure about WIFI connectivity and Bluetooth as they are also two important factors among hardware.


3.  Screen resolutions and Display

These are also the most important factors that many users consider.  If you wish to use it for watching movies and videos, playing games then just to for resolution above than 1024 x600. If not than you can choose a tablet below that resolution.

Choose High quality and Quick responsive screen. Capacitive touch screen with multi touch will be even better.


4.  Shape and size: –

Choosing a tablet
It depends upon you, how the dimensions should be to suite your needs.  In the case of shape and size just go with your heart and pick a right one for you.  But according to my opinion the tablets with rounded edges instead of sharp edges will be awesome to look and handle.

So friends just check all the above mentioned factors and come to a conclusion. My request for my readers is, not to go for any low quality tablets as their performance will decreases with time. Choosing a branded tablet which is at an affordable cost will always satisfy you.


If still you are confused in choosing a right one just comment below with the price range and we will guide you in getting a better tablet for you.


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Saikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned.


  1. i Would have felt better if u would have shown in more images

  2. Nice post these point must be kept in mind before buying tablet

  3. What about design and built quality, Higher the hardware specs better will be the tablet. But design is also the thing which matters.

  4. My mom wants to have an Android tablet. I came across this blog and I am so thankful for the tips. I will let her read this.

  5. Thank you Saikrishna for posting this. I really appreciate the help you have given to the people. Thank your for those information and ideas on what to Look Up Before Getting an Android Tablet. It is a pleasure reading your article. Great job!

  6. Processor, storage capacity, and camera are the specs that most buyers and consumers would look onto.

  7. Depending on what type of application you like i think android is a big mover in the industry of technology. Android is still very young but very aggressive on its progress.. Thank you so much for this article Saikrishna this is one of the best information i encountered.

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