5 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions:

Are you the user of Google Chrome Browser and a web developer with an enthusiasm to improve your online presence, so you’re on a right page which helps you to have a different type of online experience on the move?

Basically we use extensions to add some extra features to our browser which makes to have some fun & instructiveness.

Here are the 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions which I choose from my own experience and a must have extensions best among many other extensions.

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions:


1)  Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Check

This extension works by scanning the entire link from viruses and unwanted malwares. Although, if your system is already installed with anti-virus software, then you’ll be able to have this extension work in side-by-side.

Most importantly, it doesn’t cut down the system or your browsing expertise.

To download this extension Click Here.


2)  Readability

Have you ever get distracted by ads, junk videos, etc whereas reading a writing on your favorite blog/website; then this extension is value to use. Readability turns any webpage into additional straightforward and readable format free from all flash, clutters, ads.

Install Readability and relax your eyes whereas browsing

To download this extension Click Here.


3)  Awesome Screenshot

Based upon the user experience I choose Awesome Screenshot is one of the best tool as it as many inbuilt options and performance.

Awesome Screenshot tool extension is incredibly simple to use and might simply capture entire/selected webpage, add annotation, Share the images, save choice to yours desired location, immeasurable editing options and most significantly, awesome screenshot may also save massive image.

To download the extension click here.

4)  Download Master

You’ll be able to download all the content (images, videos, pdf, document and etc.) from any of the webpage you’re visiting with this extension.

Click on the extension icon and you’ll see an inventory of webpage link and content sort from that you’ll be able to choose in line with whatever you want and download it

To download this extension click here.

5)  Tin Eye Reverse Image Search

This extension is a reverse search engine for images which helps the users to seek out HD images and therefore the supply of images around the web is easy to get at one place.

If you’re an image lover and always search through the internet then you may like Tin Eye Image search extension a most.

To download this extension Click here.

All this 5 best Google Chrome Extensions are my favorite & selected under the experience of many people. Hope this post helps you and if you find we are missing something. Let us know your valuable feedback through comments.

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Saikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned.


  1. dr web antivirus is really a cool plugin and your site is also good but i would like to notify you that click here links on this post are not working..do make them work..

    • Thanks for your valuable comment Apoorv 🙂
      We are sorry for not having the download links to the extensions.
      Post has been now updated with links.

  2. Very nice write-down but, After Google added Image search feature in its default search page, no need of Tiny Eye Image search extension. 😛

    • Thanks Srikanth to pen down your comment 😉 & yeah i agree with you but Tin Eye not only provides searching images but it also gives to have you similar kind of images ( Fingerprints ) so in some cases its useful to have based on user experience.

  3. “Awesome Screenshots” seems to be great! Will be using it from now!

  4. I frequently use awesome screen shots and its very useful one.

  5. Saikrishna.. What’s your experience with these extensions saying “they can access your commuter”? Any worries at all?

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