5 Essential Productivity Apps For Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet comes with basic apps already installed. But, if you want more out of your device, you have to download apps from the app store. For example, let’s say you’re looking for productivity apps that can help you stay productive and focused during the day. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of apps in the Google Play store. But, there’s a lot of duds. Here are the best ones out there right now.

5 Essential Productivity Apps For Your Android Tablet


The Vuze Torrent Downloader app for Android is a torrent client, so this is good for times when you need file-sharing capabilities. Fire up this app, and you can connect directly with other users and share files in an instant.

The app also lets you set categories for files. Once categories are set, you can configure your device to transcode those downloaded files to various other devices automatically. So, if you want to keep important documents on your laptop, Vuze will download the files and then push them to the other device of your choice. Just remember to respect IP.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

If you’re always on the go, but you need a wi-fi signal to latch on to, Wi-Fi Analyzer is the app for you. It checks surrounding networks for the strongest signal. It also analyzes wi-fi networks in your area, helping you find one so that you don’t chew through your data package. Keep in mind that the only wi-fi networks you should attempt to join are public ones. Even when someone doesn’t secure their wi-fi network, it’s not a good idea to grab onto it. You don’t know who it belongs to. And, the last thing you want is someone infecting your mobile device for fun and profit.


Weather.com has the most stunning weather app out there. When you load it up, you’re presented with the daily forecast, but scroll down and a seemingly endless list of features pops up. You can check the pollen index, the sunrise and sunset, the humidity, visibility, how fast the wind is blowing, track storms in real-time, get a 10-day forecast, and even watch videos.

This app is great if you’re a traveler type, and you spend a lot of time on planes, trains, and busses. But, it’s also a great everyday app that lets you plan outdoor social activities around work. This is especially handy if you’re an independent contractor or businessperson who works from home.

You’ll never be trapped inside on a sunny day ever again.

DU Battery Saver and Widgets

DU Battery Saver is great for you if you need to get some work done, but your battery level is dangerously low. It happens to the best of us – we forget our charger. Now, it doesn’t have to ruin your whole day. This free app manages your battery consumption – halt background apps and optimize performance.

TeamViewer Remote Control

This is an awesome tool for Android users who need to use Windows remotely. But, it also allows you to remotely control Linux and even Mac computers. It’s a great collaboration tool, giving you access to documents and apps installed on the target computer.

If you expect to be out of town for several days, just keep your laptop on, and you won’t even need it while you’re away.

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