7 Best Android Apps For Students

Have you got a new tablet or phone and busy with sharing photos on instagram checking twitter,updating facebook.are you feeling difficult to score good marks in exams? Your device can also be a good study partner for you.As soon as you have got a smart phone and a few bucks,dont forget to have this top genius apps on your phone to make yourself genius.

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If you are looking for better notes and want to sync them with cloud,or trying to crack mind-blowing math problems, here is the solution for you.These below apps will help you in every exam life throw your way.


The name itself you can understand that,it makes you to turn your notes,videos and images in evernote to study materials.it makes easy for you,to prepare for a quiz.It is called as best evernote app for iOS,Android,Windows,and Blackberry. You can also brush up on a language just by lifting your ipad’s smart cover.

The great advantage of this app includes keeping you research notes about a topic across various sources in one location.

  • Capture anything
  • Finds things very fast
  • Access anywhere
  • Fun and natural
  • Learn from the pros


Feeling difficult with the name?But this app makes easy for all the mathematical computations you need.It is developed by Stephen Wolfram.This app is the only solution to make your math or number-related problems in your pocket.This app gives you access to the vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generates reports for you.It is called as Computational Knowledge Engine.

  • Graphic representation
  • Formula Details
  • Step-by-step explanation


You can create your own magazines on your smart handset with the help of this app. It brings together all social and world news in a beautiful magazine.Once you collect a few topics, and you have built flipboard,you can start flipping for news,stories,photos etc.You can also have an option to add FB,Twitter,Instagram.Just stay updated to the rest of the world and share your gorgeous magazine with your friends.

  • News and social networks all in one place
  • Search for anything


Feeling difficult or frustrated? Wondering where to o with questions that crop up?Cliff notes helps you to find out answers that can help you make sense on lots of subjects from Algebra to Earth Science,Poetry to Politics,English language to Utopian Literature.It helps you great for listening to audios during the longer walks around your campus.

  • Access character
  • Theme analysis
  • Plot summaries and interactive quizzes


You will be reading hundreds of books at college or home,many of them good,but sometimes you will also experience difficult with some of the words being tossed around.If you want to find out the meaning of any word,this app serves your purpose.You can also search for for the words that your friends are looking up.It includes Hot word Blog and Word of the day updates and slide shows.

  • English dictionary and Thesarus-over 2,000,000 defintions,synonyms and antonyms
  • Audio pronounciations,idioms and phrases
  • Word origin and Search history
  • Voice search
  • Spelling Suggestions,IPA and phonetic pronounciations

6. i  TUNES U:-

It is the worlds largest online catalogue of free education content.You can get all the material of a course, share information on an instant.It provides you complete access to the courses from famous universities to schools at free of cost. You can also learn the best universities in the world at your own place.

  • Everything works together
  • Keep up with your course  wherever you are
  • Better notes makes better students.
  • All materials of a course-just a tap away
  • A Lifetime of Learning on Tap


Are you preparing for any test?Why dont you try out this app?

The best way to test yourself is to use Flashcards. After entering study Blue mobile Flashcards app,you can use text,pictures,video,audio to test yourself. You can study,edit,make and save content while giving you access to an enormous library of books.You dont have time to create your own Flashcard?Dont worry?This fantastic app helps you find online flashcards created by other students.

Try out these best Apps and drop down your experience through comments.

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay

About Rashmitha

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay


  1. WOLFRAM ALPHA is really a worthy App, every student related with Maths must not keep this app. This will kill their mathematical abilities :p

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