About Diksha Mundada

Diksha Mundada is an Interior Designer, She always loves to learn new things and implement the experience into everything to create something new or make others learn from what she experienced. She love sharing knowledge to everyone... Her moto is "Every Girl, should stand for herself.. Fulfilling their dreams and enjoying their independent life. "

Happy Birthday Rahul Mundada Wishes From Your Sister Diksha Mundada

Started with a thought, supported by a pen and borne by a paper tried to make it simple, but the context and content made it so special that in middle I doubted myself, but it’s HIS sheer presence that made this article special as in the same way he made me feel special in this [Read More…]

Top Five Organic Food To Get Rid Off Stress

A very common thing among masses these days is “Stress”. Stress has become a common place in everyone’s part of life. Something which makes u feel so much, frustrated, that which disturbs both physical & mental health is stress!! When we feel threatened the body activates the fight-fight response causing hormones called adrenaline & cholesterol [Read More…]