Best Android Apps 2013 : Free & Paid Apps for Android

Best Android Apps 2013 : Free & Paid Apps for Android

Android is a great platform for smart phone users with lots of built in applications, functions and fun features. Some of these apps are available for free while some of them will cost you. However, in midst of millions of apps available on Google Play Store, finding an app that’s best suited for you can prove to be a whole lot difficult. This is why we have come up with this list. It contains an app from almost every genre that is loved by the smartphone users.

1. ShieldMyTeen

ShieldMyTeen is a parental control app that will particularly come in handy for the parents. It will allow them to block all kinds of sites so that their kids can surf safely. Furthermore, they will be able to ensure that their children does not get involved in any illegal activity by blocking certain search keywords like gambling, drugs, and alcohol, etc. The best part about this app is that it is password protected. This means that apart from the parents, no one will be able to change anything at all.


OfficeSuite Professional (OSP) 6  by MobiSystems. OSP 6 makes your work easier while you are on the move. OSP 6 has some huge shoes to fill, with big rivals out there like Documents to Go (DTG) and Quickoffice Pro. You can edit office documents like Word, PDF, Excel etc on your mobile device easily. It is available at the rate of $20 only .


Android Battery saver apps  are an additional option  for you. These apps evaluate the excess battery usage as per your particular settings, and cut off the battery usage. So it is up to you that how you configure and manage them. Definitely  these apps can save your device battery and optimize your user experience.


Android Task Manager (ATM) are very controversial and have mix opinion from both the users, but I think they can be used effectively to save battery life. Other features include the auto-end task, real-time process list, one-touch end-task and backup to SD card. Through Android Task Manager you can check if any badly coded application is killing or slowing down your device and eating up battery. You can kill that and decide about its further use or not.


SwiftKey 3 is taking the “beta” label off of the SwiftKey 3 keyboard,  It gives more accurate corrections and predictions compared with other keyboards on android. and makes typing  easier on your mobile. SwiftKey has tweaked the keyboard after some user feedback, bringing back the comma key and tweaking some algorithms. Also You can personalize by using your Gmail, Facebook, twitter or blog spots. It is said to be a huge time saver.

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  1. Your Android apps list is really good. Thank you very much about to share this post. Its a very interesting post.

  2. I find battery saver friendly and helpful too as i was suffering from low battery soon it helped me alot..

  3. The Android Task Manager is the most useful out of the above stack. Thanks for the info.

  4. There are a few good apps in that list. Thank you for the article.

  5. apps you have listed out here are really essential for all Android users, I like advanced task manager

  6. tausif raza says:

    i need an application named-wifi file transfer pro.apk devloper name-fabio bertolami
    plzzz upload it on your blog as soon as possible

  7. I guess all these apps are new to me. I have never heard of anyone before. The list really looks good.

  8. Great List..I am already using three of them..But 2nd and 5th one is new to me..thanks for the info.

  9. Hello Saikrishna, your best apps for 2013 are really great. Your selection of that apps is not just an ordinary selection. I really appreciate this work of yours. Keep up the good work!

  10. Good collection of apps Sai Krishna. I have tried Battery Saver and Swiftkey App. They are just awesome. Though few apps are paid in your list, i have to try them using Google Play Free Coupons :P. Thanks for the share Sai 🙂

  11. I am only familiar with Android Battery Saver and have found it quite useful. I have heard about rest but never used it. Actually, I rely on many essential apps like Dropbox, WordPress, instagram etc. Well, list is really useful. Thanks Sai Krishna for suggesting other options too.

  12. App review is very difficult process and I appreciate your effort for provide useful information. I recently visit one Some website is very useful which is giving such data.

  13. Yeah these are quite nice apps of Android. We can get huge amount of stupendous apps from highly Advanced Google Play store. Nice post. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Sorry to bother again, do you know guys if there is a good app to learn french ?

    Best regards

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