Top 13 Android Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3

Are you the owner of best handset around which you want to fill with best apps? Then let’s get started. As technology has been increasing day by day a small app is holding a big worth of it. The Samsung galaxy S3 is a new flagship device, with 4.8-inch HD super AMOLED display, quad-core exynos [Read More…]

9 Android Games Of 2013

As android phones have increased in popularity, the number of apps available or the platform has racketed. It is a proven platform now and that is particularly showing in the burgeoning apps market. 1. Angry birds:- I think you are very much familiar with this game. This was one of the popular IOS game moved [Read More…]

Best Android Apps 2013 : Free & Paid Apps for Android

Android is a great platform for smart phone users with lots of built in applications, functions and fun features. Some of these apps are available for free while some of them will cost you. However, in midst of millions of apps available on Google Play Store, finding an app that’s best suited for you can [Read More…]

Top 4 Free Best Antivirus Apps For Android Phone

The main issue of discussing this topic is to provide device free from attacking viruses and also makes the device secure. It is said that nearly 40% of android operating system based phones are making harm to the files. The worst suffers are mainly the rooted android phones. Because rooting your device incorrectly may have [Read More…]

10 Android Apps for People Who Love Blogging on the Go

Everyday a huge number of events happen in the internet, and if you are the owner of an interesting and popular blog you need to know and follow these apps. Blogging on the go by using these apps make it better by giving you more ways to post. This article is mainly compromised of useful [Read More…]

5 Helpful Android Apps for Photographers

Android can be an amazing portable platform by Google that’s recently developed a great number of buzz in the mobile marketplace. Being entirely open, that mobile system allows application developers to help unleash his or her creativity along with the very same time supplying end users the freedom to encounter freedom connected with experimenting completely [Read More…]

Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Specifications Leaked

The release of motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE has been announced out through a press event that it will release dated on 5 September 2012, but no one knows the specification’s as it wasn’t revealed by motorola. Now just a week before they have been announced in a press event that the specifications of [Read More…]

Top 4 Android Apps for Security

It’s known to everyone that security issues regarding android issues as news everyday on internet from suspected apps to the stores of mobile which spread through SMS. Putting all the above issues aside, Android is one the latest mobile technology which is flexible and easy to use mobile OS available all over the world in [Read More…]

3 Tips For Android App Marketing

Android has got much significance throughout the globe. Every person across the world are able to access the net, so android marketing can be done easily. In order to make an android app more successful in the market we have to follow some certain tips. App should be more simpler App should have high eye-catching [Read More…]

4 Things to Look Up Before Getting an Android Tablet

If you are one among those who get confused before buying an adroid Tablet, Then this post will be very helpful to you in  choosing a best tablet the satisfy your needs. There are hundreds of Android tablets out there on market. They come with different specifications, android versions, dimensions, shapes and sizes. Picking up [Read More…]