Top 15 Android Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4

Yesterday were the days when you were gifted with mobile phones that used to benefit you through text messaging, voice calls, alarm clocks, calculators, measurement converters and etc. It had made your life easy. With the time getting old, your demands were growing younger and younger and you were always looking for more applications that [Read More…]

Top 6 Apps for Windows Surface

Now that you have owned Windows Surface, you might be wondering how others users are being highly benefitted from the tablet and wishing someone to suggest some apps of windows surface that would take a shape of great importance to you. This powerful PC that came in tablet form with Intel® CoreTM i5 processor is [Read More…]

Xbox 720 What can be Expected?

Xbox 720 is scheduled to be launched on May 21, 2013 in Redmond, Washington and it is expected that many game lovers are counting their fingers to get on the date. As a game lover, you might be excited and expecting to get the gaming machine in your hand and take home with the purchase [Read More…]

Will Laptops get Obsolete due to Tablets?

It was a gift from science when first generation computer was invented. With the years growing on, different generations of computers came into invention maintaining its dominance in workplaces. Slowly, the computers started to become a must have for household activities too. The growing need of personal computer was felt and started to rule the [Read More…]

Top Five Smartphones on the Market Under Rs 14,000-15,000

  Last week, we listed some pocked-friendly quad-core smartphones you should purchase underneath the Rs 15,000 mark. Due to the fact the many handsets there belong to domestic companies, brand-conscious those who don’t give two-hoots about specifications might wish handsets from reputed manufacturers. If you are one too or just don’t want to go ahead [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

Everyone is waiting for the launch of Samsung’s next greatest technology adopted device, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. According to the reports the device will be launched in UK during the mid of July. What all to expect in the smaller Galaxy S4 was a question weeks ago, but giving end to the awaiting, the details [Read More…]

Canon EOS 60D Vs 650D Which is the Best to Choose

Are you in a confusion to buy an excellent camera? Between Canon EOS 60D & 650D…! Here goes your solution. Canon EOS 60D:- It has an excellent image quality up to ISO settings. It is still a camera that should enthuse the enthusiasts. WHY TO BUY CANON 60D:- Weather sealed:-it even shoots in extreme weather [Read More…]

How to Install Windows 7 and Windows 8 on Pen-drive/USB

Installing the Windows Operating System on the Pen drive is so easy. And it is necessary for those who want to take a preview of the Windows Operating System before installing in the System. This trick will save the time from uninstalling and re-installing the Current Windows Operating System in the computer and more over we can use [Read More…]

Windows 8 Review: Features and UI That Make You To Love It

Microsoft had launched its new operating system Windows 8 with completely new User interference. Microsoft had built Windows 8 completely for the touch-friendly user interference which is a risk move as the previous operating systems were not built for touch interference. To overcome this risky change in Windows 8, Microsoft had included the non-touch user [Read More…]

Nikon 1 V1 Review With Specifications,Features and Price

Nikon had finally entered and launched the interchangeable lens models. Though these models have been dominated by the Sony, Panasonic and Olympus, Nikon had come again with new stylish and excellent performance series and launched Compact Mirror less camera known as Nikon 1 V1 to withstand the tough competition from the Panasonic, Sony and Olympus. Nikon [Read More…]

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