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Significance of blog is well known and numerous web blogging helps a great deal when all of us speak regarding keyword rankings over many search engines. After the latest Google updates it’s important to discover out greatest way to handle our blog on regular times as well as side through side Blog Campaigns is also needed.


1. Blog UpdateBlog Updating & Administration 

If you like to see your blog succeed on search engines it is extremely a lot important to improve your blog upon regular times, by updating our blog. It means upgrading this along with unique as well as high quality blog posts. Because content material performs a vital role within keyword ratings and also appeal to search engines like Google as well as people to go to our blog over and over.



Connect-Your-Blog-Facebook2. Running a blog as well as Facebook

Some of us writers don’t know about the Search engines changes and how this affected lots of  blogs and web sites. Positive thing we blog simply because you want to and that we possess great material! One thing that’s within these days may be the social networking and Google loves great material plus social networking interaction. It will help your site a lot to gain more traffic if you have a Facebook account. Yes, everyone has a Facebook accounts so make use of this for your blog. Sign up for the Facebook accounts and create a page for your blog. Use the exact same name as the blog so that there will not be any misunderstandings that that page is perfect for your blog.

Promote your articles or posts in your Facebook fan page; interact with followers and such as other webpages with similar curiosity as you. Before you know it, constant traffic will come for your blog out of your Facebook fan page.


Interlink-Your-Blog-Articles3. Inter-linking your Posts

Take advantage of interlinking your posts, this means connecting your present publish for your old publish to advertise them. This is an excellent way to get your additional posts viewed. As you know, old posts after a few weeks are forgotten and your visitors would proceed to the more current and present posts. Nevertheless, don’t exaggerate this particular. Make sure your own interlinks are related and not simply interlinked just for the actual benefit from it. This way, your readers is going to be grateful since they’re obtaining helpful info.


Recycling your old posts with twitter4. Use Tweeter to bring back your Old Articles/Posts

Not every blog posts have the same appointments or interests and when you produce a new blog post, most probably, your own aged articles will be forgotten. To revive them and assist you to from needing to produce brand new material constantly, reveal them in twitter. Tweet a classic publish for your fans presently there but make sure that it is relevant for the period of time. As you can see, the above mentioned are not really hard to do and won’t take a long time to do but they are proven effective within growing visitors as well as views to your web-blog.

About Saikrishna Tipparapu

Saikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned.


  1. wow…gr8 post thnxx for sharing it with us..i will surely concentrate on the above points and hope to get some good traffic.. 🙂 :):

  2. connect your blog with social media web sites is very useful to get traffic.

    • Yeah it can bring a lot of referral traffic but it also depends upon what you post. Sometimes usage of “Keywords” play a major role on Social networking sites such as Digg, Stumble and so on..
      Thanks for the comment Ashish 🙂

  3. Yeah agree Twitter is superb way to get more traffic from last 2 months i am very much active on twitter and its my 4th top ref source of traffic but we should focus on Better SEO too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Sai.

    • Hi bro, glad to have your valuable comment on our post. Yes I agree that we should also focus on Search Engine ranking, Optimization as its one of the other great source to drag loyal readers to our blog/site. When coming to the Twitter, well it can be used for both business promotion & for professional usage. But everything we use will be depended upon how we use. Bringing up old posts on to the Twitter can improve getting back new readers to have an eye on old posts.
      Its so pleasure to know the article is useful at some points 🙂

  4. Updating our blog regularly is indeed for getting traffic boost by both search engines, direct visits and referral traffic from social medias, if we engage with fellow bloggers and like, tweet their posts will mutually help to grow traffic.

    Thanks to the post.

    • That’s called mutual understanding with the fellow bloggers, it may be a old technique but it still works like a charm. It not only bring’s up traffic but also helps us to have a quality feedback upon what we write.
      Thanks for coming back to our site @Naveen 🙂 So glad to see you back again.

  5. Useful and informative

  6. Thank you for explain this it is good tip to get more traffic 🙂
    One more good tip you forget about commenting on comment luv enable blogs 🙂 its also give some good traffic 😀

  7. One more good tip you forget about commenting on comment luv enable blogs 😛 its also give some good traffic 😀

  8. Hello again Saikrishna, I really love reading your articles. It is such an honor reading this. It is very informative! This would be a great help to other people especially me on how to get More Traffic. Thank you again! It is a pleasure for me following your posts! Great job!

  9. hello sai
    nice tips, updating the blog is the best thing you can do. also, we should be engaged with readers and try to share our post. and yes interlinking the posts also helps a lot in getting more pageviews

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