Google Glass – Your Eyes To The World

We all have at one point or other thought about the way we see the world, one can have a fantasy about how cool it would be to see and do things differently with our eyes to yield all these demands Google has come up with Google Glass, these glasses are a special breed of spectacles that help in analyzing data, taking snaps, helping us in navigation, and taking snaps.

google glass

The main features of Google glass are as following

  • Take snaps
  • Record video
  • Create hangout on the go anywhere
  • Highly optimized voice activated commands
  • Navigation support anywhere
  • Translations

Let us now come to the big question after you have gone through the features

Can such a technology exist ?

Yes, such a technology do exist and it wont cost you a fortune to own something like that. You can book your pair of Google glass through this website portal given Google Glass here. But chances are that you are too late in owning this future piece of technology and might have to wait a bit longer to own something like this.

Price of such a technology

The Google glass will cost you about 1500$, but this is just the initial rush period and since nobody else in the world has such a technology, the price tag of Google glass is very high.

Now let us have a brief look into each one of its features.


Suppose you are in china and you want to buy something, at this point of time you cannot ask someone or browse the web as the vendor wont wait for you, hence  Google glass comes to the rescue and translates into any language you require.


Say you plan a road trip the whole idea of a trip is to hope to explore, even though you are lost Google glass help you find your way to the correct  destination, like any other reliable Google feature.

All other features of Google Glass

Among many other features like taking photos, recording videos, and creating hangouts there are various features like search the web instantly for information since everything is voice activated it will not take any time to display the output in the screen in front of you.

Privacy Invasion

One of the major concern of the world is the privacy invasion, as everybody likes to have their own personal space and nobody likes to be invaded of that the major threat one faces from Google glass is that somebody can be stocking you and you could be clueless, at the same time one might be taking snaps of you without your knowledge these are some of the major stuff that is bothering the world.

The risk of owning such a technology

As if today there is no law or rule to hold you back from owning such a technology, the only foretold risk is that theft of your Google glass may be high because of its pure awesomeness.

The future of Google glass

The future of Google glass can hold anything from changing menu at the blink of an eye or something that will blow away the users mind for sure.

Do let us know below what you think about our post and how desperately are you waiting to get your hands on one of these cool Google glasses.

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  1. Real nice posts awesome work, reading this single post is equal to reading all other posts about Google glasses from other websites

  2. Well this seems like a future science fiction coming true. 😛

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