Google Keyboard – The Future Of Typing

Google Keyboard - The Future Of Typing

Google Keyboard – The Future Of Typing

Tired of  typing in your android phone’s shabby keyboard layout, or are you just bugged by sliding your fingers on the keyboard trying to form the right word.  Well those days are going to be history as the solution has arrived and its the latest app by Google called the Google Keyboard which lets the user input required keywords by predicting them accurately or by easily understanding the words as you speak.

Swype The Past

Most of the android users today use their default software keypad provided by the manufacturer or some of them may use a  third-party keyboards, leading among these are swype which became popular for its feature that lets the user glide on the keyboard allowing one to easily type the words flawlessly. Now comes an era of digital voice input which Google has  provided in both its browser and its keyboard.

  • Tertiary Functions
  • Glide on the keyboard to enter text

Swype: Glide on the keyboard

Talk The Future

Users of  Swype will be more than happy as the new Google Keyboard  allows gesture typing,  Which was one of the main reasons which put Swype in the top slot apart from this great feature we also have loads of other features like voice typing, Next-word suggestions and current-word completions, and not to leave out the unique feature which gloats  a unique dictionaries for 26 different languages, yes you heard it right 26 different languages now that’s definitely something to look forward to.

  • Voice typing
  • Dictionaries for 26 different languages
  • Next-word suggestions and current-word completions

Google Keyboard - Talk to the Future

What promises to be a game changer is the fact that Google has combined a lot of  great feature into one single app, the voice recognition software is the same one that is present in the Google browser, it has a great fault tolerance towards the user input. The new layout is easy on the eyes and can be customised according to our preference,  just like the tag line says typing,just easier the new keyboard eases a lot of burden

The world has warmly greeted this new arrival in the  google play store with great download traffic. This is available for all devices running on android OS be it your tablet or phone. With most of the mobile manufacturers today wanting  to deliver the “pure android” experience which google alone delivers in its nexus devices, we might expect all of the future mobile phones to have this as their default keyboard.

The Face – Off

Google Keyboard sure look promising but understanding the competition swype has announced its beta version for more provisions, you can download the beta version here . Both look very promising but in terms of features and early market of users the upper hand is held by the Google Keyboard. Since the beta version is yet to make impact on the market one can easily predict that the upper hand is held by Google keyboard  because of the provisions it provides for the user, this technology was previously available only in the nexus series of the device and with the worldwide success of android one can only wonder what google has next in its google play store for its users.

Google Keyboard : Swype

Swype App

Let us know below what you think about our post and are you willing to migrate from your current keyboard to the new one provided by google in its play store.

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  1. Nice post! Well, this seems to be an awesome keyword with cool and useful features/functions. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  2. Looks awesome, and since it’s a Google products it will surely see some improvements as well.

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