Happy Birthday Rahul Mundada Wishes From Your Sister Diksha Mundada

Started with a thought, supported by a pen and borne by a paper tried to make it simple, but the context and content made it so special that in middle I doubted myself, but it’s HIS sheer presence that made this article special as in the same way he made me feel special in this world.“MY BROTHER”.MY SECOND DAD.

In the times, when even shroff’s and kohli’s are trying to impress, hardly there are people left to express their love, it’s enduring to express our love to our family and one who makes the family beautiful. There can be exceptions, who are well at expressing that and making the family more beautiful, and i belong to such exceptional family, and ofcourse the reason being u “My Bro”. You always compromised for me. Those crazy days of our childhood. Ohhh  i miss them so very much. Our fights for the stupid stuff. The way we drove eachother crazy. The way you use to tease me when you had nothing else to do. Tackling me just for fun. Pulling on my ponytail  and trying to escape. I just can’t believe how soon time passed and we grew to adults. I miss our childhood, those stupid memories so much. I love you for who you are. You are always the one to stand my side when things don’t go well.

You always guide me whenever i need a proper guidance from an elder person. You always understand me more like a friend and support me in my carrier. I know you love me alot . Your love for me is  neutral. When iam wrong at times you growl at me because you wanted me to be a good person rather than getting spoiled by the love. Being younger to u and obvio little princess to you, you always helped me in taking rights decisions. You treat me more as a friend and explain me the pro & cons of every decision i make. Iam always grateful for this. Mainly, you always presented me whatever i wanted. Let that be anything or whatever cost may be. You never said Nooooo. I always remember mom use to scold you whenever you fulfilled my wishes i.e; gifting me all those what i want. She always tells u what would be her future , how her inlaws family would be we don’t know .Don’t spoil her by gifting whatever she demands .We never know, what she would be blessed with. You always reply her politely, exactly mom we never know what future is. Why do we restrict her in present and spoil  her present just by predicting future. Let her enjoy.

I have only a little princess as sister n yours as a daughter to whom we always want to see her happy. Thank you so much bhaiyu. Coming to my career you always act like a second dad. You always spell out to me the importance of career & working life. You always made me understand how rich we may be now but we cannot predict future. And in later ages , one man cannot survive a whole family .Both wife and husband need to work to keep their children happy and secure them with proper career. And seriously now  when i see people working hard for their child happiness i remember the words you and dad always told me.


All thanks to dad and u .Thanking for making me a responsible passionate girl. Earlier when i see girls with their sisters sharing everything i use to feel bad why don’t i have a sister like them. But then i was wrong ,to share your problems or any issue it’s not necessary to have a sister. Brother more as friend is just enough. You were always brother and a sister to me. You never fell shy to explain me anything which is quite necessary may that be little private talks. You proved a guy can also other a girl not just a girl to girl. You try to understand me from a girl point of view and explain me or advise me when needed which is quite very important for any girl. You always replied to my silly ,innocent questions. I was so naughty, rigid, arrogant. You changed me to humble, responsible, passionate, hardworking, flexible girl. I know I am  princess to u always. Your nurturing nature and your love made me now a “Responsible Princess”.

Wishing you Happy Birthday bro

You never said no. You never said that’s impossible and you never said i can’t that’s “My Bro, My Superman” who makes thing possible & paths smoother. I have never said it much as somehow the time or mood never seemed right or perhaps there is nothing in me that keeps me from saying it on your face as much as I should. But regardless i want you to know that I do really love you alot. Our journey through life might take us apart but it will no matter neither the distance nor the time will dull the love which is between us. I know i cannot scribble whatever u have done for me nor the love you showered on me. Thank You would be nothing at all but still genuinely Thank You “My Second Dad”. Please keep on me supporting me like this always. And ha am literally grateful to you when you scold me because you are fulfilling your duty and protecting me . I understand you .

Bhaiya seriously am the super luckiest sister. “HAPPIEST  BIRTHDAY BHAIYU”. My “LADDU” Lots of love to you. Today on this special day i want to let you know that I love U. I Respect U. I Care for U. Wishing you nothing but the best in everything. Every memory from gone years , makes me glad that you are my brother. I was not knowing what to gift you on this special day. So i thought of this. I hope you will like this little gift, small token of love from your little princess. Fly in the plane of ambition and land on the airport of success. Luck is yours and wish is mine. May your future always shine and all your wishes come true. And finally i wana repeat again , “We are brothers & sisters by blood but we are friends by choice, by the love between us”. You will always be my Superman ,my super brother, my best friend. Love u to the moon & back. Have a great day , agreat year ahead. Muaaaaaahhhhhhh…..Lots of love <3 <3

About Diksha Mundada

Diksha Mundada is an Interior Designer, She always loves to learn new things and implement the experience into everything to create something new or make others learn from what she experienced. She love sharing knowledge to everyone... Her moto is "Every Girl, should stand for herself.. Fulfilling their dreams and enjoying their independent life. "

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