How to Benefit from Google+

Google+ (Google Plus) was launched by Google to give a tough competition to the social networking leader Facebook, but the former couldn’t live up to the task that well. But the venture has still been a successful one with many visitors using it for marketing and promotional purposes.

How to Benefit from Google+

Google+ is a great way to promote your content. While this networking initiative by the search engine giant might not be as engaging and interactive as Facebook, it still boosts your posts and enhances your rankings.

There are numerous ways through which you can get more ‘+1s’ and more shares on Google+ network. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective ones.

#1: Personal usage

The best way to promote your brand through means of Google+ is to have your own personal account over its platform and use it to boost your site’s content or content written by you for others.

Personal Usage-google-customized-urls

Adding your author profile along with your content adds value to it and has a direct effect on rankings. While guest posts for SEO are banned by Google, you can promote your content by putting ‘rel=author link’ in your comments.

#2: Community engagements

You can find a community for almost anything and everything on Google+. After you create your profile, find some communities related to your subject and start engaging with others.

Google+ Community engagements

You can develop your reputation over the platform by replying to queries that other members post in the related communities. Your expert opinion or view could help you promote thought leadership.

Start engaging and replying to comments of others even if you can’t solve the queries. Have a look at the latest topics coming up. You’ll get an idea about what type of content readers would prefer to read.

#3: Use keywords

Your foremost aim behind creating a G+ profile is to promote your business. Ensure that you make use of the keywords you’d like to be associated with.

Google+ Use keywords

When a user makes a search query on Google, he is shown related Google+ search results as well. Hence, every post counts. Avoid being involved in discussions related to politics and religion. These are sensitive issues and can spoil your reputation.

You may also use hashtags to put keywords in posts. Two shall be enough. More than that could make your post look unprofessional.

#4:Using the Search feature

Search feature is the USP of Google. Make use of Google+ to search for not just the communities but also reputed people and companies in the industry.

Using the Search feature
Once you follow or get follow by relevant people of your industry, it is necessary that you take the initiative to engage with them on regular basis. You may even create ‘Events’ or start ‘Hangouts’ to engage.

#5: Additions to your To-Do list

Mere creating a G+ profile won’t help you any bit. You need to interact with people of your business line on regular basis to make a name for yourself.

Additions to your To-Do list

Google+ is still relatively spam-free as compared to Twitter and Facebook. People do sell G+ but you won’t find that on a large scale. You may be tempted to go for it but it’s advisable to follow and get followed by people manually to develop reputation over the platform.

You got to do a lot of stuff manually and frequently in order to see its effect on your business. You may do it slowly in your free time or when you take a break from work.


Gradual and continuous efforts on Google+ will soon see a rise in your website traffic and a jump in your rankings. You content can float at the top of search results if you make effective use of this popular social network.

How to Benefit from Google+ - Conclusion

A bit of work every day during your natural work gap can do wonders for you over time and I hope the article on how to benefit using Google+ (Google Tips and Tricks) is helpful to you, don’t forget to drop your valuable suggestions and feedback through comments.

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