How to Dual Boot Your Computer with Android Operating System


How to Dual Boot Your Computer with Android Operating System

Do you know that You can run the Android Mobile OS on your Computer along with other Computer Operating Systems.

You might have tried to dual boot Windows on your computer with the Linux Operating and Windows Operating System with Other version of the Windows Operating Systems, But have you tried to Dual boot your computer with a Top Mobile Operating System i.e Android on your Computer along with the Windows and Linux.

If you are a geek and Android Lover like Me, You can continue to do this on your Computer.Before Dual Booting Your Computer with Android Operating System you need to get these tools:


Any Version of the Android Operating System from Android-X86.org (Even the latest version Jelly Bean is available download).

In order to create a bootable USB you can get the

  • Linux Live USB Creator ( LiLi )(Officially Supports the installation of Android) from Here or
  • Universal USB Installer from Here, or UNetbootin  from Here.

These three tools lets you to create Bootable USB’s without help any coding and technical knowledge.

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Getting Started by Step by Step

As Android was developed on Linux therefore installing the Android is just like Booting the Linux Operating System on your Computer!

You can create a bootable DVD/CD by burning the iso image copy of the Android OS(Downloaded) with the help any image burner. And continue to the process of installation of Android.

If you are not interested to try with the Bootable DVD you can try with the Bootable USB, In order to create a bootable USB you need to get any one of the tool mentioned above.

In this tutorial I am using the Universal USB installer to make my USB bootable with Android.

In Step 1 Run the Universal USB installer on your computer and select the Android in drop down Menu.

In Step 2 define the path of your downloaded Android OS on your Computer.

In Step 3 Select your USB Pen Drive and you are highly recommended to tick the format option in order to keep away from virus and other problems relating to the file systems.

Universal USB InstallerAfter Completing all the Steps mentioned above hit on the Create button. As soon as you hit on the Create button the process will start. This takes some time for completing the process to make your pen drive bootable.

Now it’s time to make your computer ready for the installation of Android along with Windows.

Make sure that you had Backup of your data.

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Installing Android to Hard Disk

  • Restart computer and Enter to BIOS step-up menu by hitting the F2 or F1 or F9 or F10.
  • After entering into BIOS setup you need to migrate to the Boot Menu
  • Now in the Boot menu Enable option to Boot from removable devices
  • And set the First Boot priority to the Removable devices
  • Now save your BIOS settings and Exit the Boot menu

After exiting the Boot menu Your Computer restarts automatically. Now insert your Pen Drive into one of the USB ports and restart your Computer.

After restating your computer you will be presented with the Android Installer with four options

  1. Run Android without Installation
  2. VESA mode
  3. Debug Mode
  4. Install Android to Hard Disk

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

Select the “Install Android to Hard Disk” option as soon as you select this option and hit enter you will be presented with other window for choosing the partition for installation of Android. Here you can choose the existing partition and you can also “Create or Modify” the partitions.

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

As we are going to dual boot the Android OS along with the Windows you must select the partition in NTFS file System. There for select any partition with NTFS file System type.

After selecting the partion hit on Ok button

In the next Window you will see options to format the partitions to the different file systems but we are not going to format to any file system as we are going to dual boot android with Windows. Therefore select the “Do not Format” and hit OK and proceed to next step.

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

In the next step you will be asked whether to install the GRUB Boot Loader( Linux Boot Loader) Note that installing this Boot Loader on your Computer will replace the default Windows Boot Loader.

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

Select the Yes to install the GRUB Boot Loader on your computer and proceed to next step.

After Completing GRUB installation in the next step you will be asked Whether to create a boot item for Windows.

Select the yes option and continue to next step

In the next step you can choose whether the Android system directory to have read-write access, Enabling the read and write access will make your debugging easy. So better to select the option and jump to next step.

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

In the next step you will be asked whether to create the Android Disk Image to save the user data and settings. So it is better to create image by Hitting on Yes Button.

In the next step you will allow to set the size of the data in MB this will act as the Internal Memory of your Android System.

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

If everything goes Correct “Installation of Android on your Hard Disk” completes without any error messages.

Choosing Partition-Android OS Installation

This is how you can run the Android on your computer.. In the Next tutorial  we will show you how to remove the Android operating system from your computer

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  3. Thanks for this tutorial. Let’s see how it goes.

  4. good article, I have this case, and I wish if you can help me, I bought Pipo X7s tv box that have dual boot, I can boot and choose between Android 4.4 and Windows 8, however after I have updated the windows, I lost the boot menu, is there a way to have it back? I am sure the android partition is still there, however when I restart, the box goes immediately to windows8.

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