How to Get Google Sitelinks for your Blog

What are Google sitelinks? For a beginner, this is the first question that pops up in mind. Google sitelinks are those links which are automatically generated by Google algorithm and appear on the first page of Google search when you search for the names or links of websites or blogs.

Google Sitelinks

Now, the question arises “why is Google sitelinks important?” or “what are the benefits of having Google sitelinks?” The most significant benefit of having Google sitelinks is that users or visitors will assure them that your blog is trustful and the content is accurate and can be trusted. Google awards sitelinks only to verified and trusted blogs. This also gives you the advantage of being credible and trusted, and visitors will trust your blog to be true and reassured that your blog or websites content is verified and trustful. Having Google sitelinks also increases traffic to your blog from Google. Your blog will get more exposure on Google search by having Google sitelinks and better click through rate.

You must be wondering about how to get Google sitelinks for your blog. Well it’s not easy to get Google sitelinks because Google will not trust all the blogs coming in for getting sitelinks. Well, here is a list of simple steps you can follow to be able to get sitelinks for your blogs.

  1. Submit your URL: The first and important step to get sitelink for your blog is to submit your URL with Google and as many search engines as possible.
  2. Google webmaster: Understand and improve your site or blog by using Google webmasters tools. It will also help you connect to your visitors and also allows you to check many SEO related issues.
  3. Removal of broken links: Removal of broken links will help your blog to become more friendly and irritating to users. If you use wordpress blogs using Broken Link Checker plug-in will help you identify broken links and remove them.
  4. HTML errors: Getting rid of any or all HTML error tags and codes on your site will help you earn more points for getting a sitelink. Google always looks for a blog to be clean and tidy to be eligible for getting a sitelink. Try using W3C HTML Validation Services for this purpose.
  5. CSS errors: Having CSS errors on the blog can also hamper your target of getting a sitelink, make sure to remove all CSS errors codes from your blog. Use W3C CSS Validation Services to check and remove CSS error code from your blog.
  6. Keywords, titles and meta tags: your blog must be rich in keywords, titles and meta tags. This will make your site more visible.
  7. Number and amount of content: Make sure your blog has 4-5 pages and minimum of 10- 15 posts. It will be impossible to get sitelinks if your blog does not have some good amount of articles which are informative and trusted.
  8. Internal linking: Always have trusted and healthy internal links on your blogs which will link readers to different relative pages and increase page views.
  9. Flow of traffic: Having a consistent flow of traffic to your blog will greatly improve your chances of getting a sitelink. Make you have a great SEO campaign to increase traffic to your blog.
  10. Quality of content: The chances of your getting a site link increases greatly if the content of your blog is updated regularly with quality content regularly. Make sure to provide updated accurate information on your blogs.
  11. JavaScript and images: Using JavaScript and images on your blogs navigation menus will hamper your chances of getting a sitelink. Avoid using JS and images on your blogs as much as possible.
  12. Sitemap: Always have a sitemap on your blog. It must be clean and include accurate information of all the pages and links on your site. Keep it indexed and easy to understand, and submit your sitemap to Google webmasters tool.
  13. Structure of the blog: Having a well structured blog will make it easier for search engines to identify your blog’s theme. This easiness for search engines to identify your blog will make your blog more easily visible and viable to earn a sitelink.

Follow these simple steps to be eligible to get a Google sitelinks for your blog and making it visible to visitors on the first page and increase the flow of traffic on your blog.  

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