How to Increase the Traffic of Your Online Store

Setting up an online store, either as a branch of an already established business, or as the core of your shop, is becoming a common practice among a great number of companies. Regardless of the size of yours, it is a fact that eCommerce is gaining more and more users, and it will continue doing so in the future.

If you want to make sure your store gets you tons of visitors, there are different ways to accomplish this that are good to know about.

How to Increase the Traffic of Your Online Store


Go Mobile

If you want to make sure you are getting all the possible visits you can to your site, you have to build a mobile version of it. Considering how much internet browsing and shopping is done on tablets and smartphones; making sure your site is compatible with these devices is really important to your sales. This doesn’t only apply to matters of design, you also have to ensure that your store is compatible with Mobile Payment options so that all of the customers that go into your store from a mobile device can make purchases on the spot.

There is a huge issue with abandoned shopping carts in eCommerce, and they have a lot to do with customers having trouble during the check-out process. Make sure they can go through it from start to finish regardless of whether their at home, at work, or on the way. Shopping needs to be easier and faster than ever for your clients.

Make the Most Out of Searches

Most consumers find online stores by doing a search on the product they want to buy. It is a good idea to make sure you are on top of the results. You might have already noticed that when you look up a product on a search, you get a list of shops where said product can be bought. This is thanks to Google product listing ads. With this tool, your shop will show up on the results every time someone searches an item in your inventory. Sadly, this service costs money, but it’s not a fixed amount. Instead, you pay per click, which is known as cost per click (CPC), or a certain percentage based on acquisition costs. You will need an AdWords account and other apps, but it is a good place to start.

Use of Social Media Advertising

You know the importance of social media, that’s a given. All big corporations have SM accounts, and your store needs to follow the trend. With them, you can make connections, promote new products, services, store news, and discounts, as well as get feedback from your customers and potential clients. Add like and share buttons to your store so your own customers can spread the word about you, and don’t hesitate to create a blog or mailing list so they don’t miss out on your shop’s news.  You can write a blog with reviews about your products, distribute user guides, and let your customers ask questions and resolve doubts about the products they want to buy. They will love the attention and feel like you really are pampering them, and there is little people like more than feeling loved.

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