How to Integrate YouTube Channel with Facebook Page?

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Now, we do not live in the world like that of yesteryears. We do not have to wait for some compact discs to get transported to another place for promotion or broadcasting of our videos whatsoever. These are not the years when we have to wait for months to have a billion viewers of our videos because now, we are living in global village and distributing or getting million viewers of our videos have become much easier. Additionally, it is not like before that our videos will get some WebPages and wait for the moment to receive thousand hits. But these are the days when we have to push our videos ourselves to get make them have millions and billions of eyes. Things have now become easy with the popularity of Facebook and integrating out YouTube channel to Facebook page with wisest way will bring our objectives to fulfillment.  You can follow some simple steps to integrated YouTube Channel with Facebook Page.

One of the effective methods of popularizing your YouTube videos is by building a quick Facebook application that will help you to integrate completely with YouTube data. By doing this, you can integrate your YouTube videos to Facebook and encourage Facebook fans to click the video, watch it and share to their friends circle. This is the effective way where you can integrate YouTube Channel with your Facebook page and get great number of viewers.

The are several apps that work great to integrate the videos to your Facebook page. There are some applications like Involver and by following some rules and ways; you can build additional features, post messages, logos, pictures and etc. If you want to do this and have control on your page then there you go. Before you start integrating your YouTube videos, you have to be sure that you have a Facebook Page and if you still do not have, you can create a page from here-http://www.facebook.com/pages. After creating a Facebook Page follow the instructions below to integrate your YouTube videos in your Facebook Pag

Step 1: Go to www.involver.com


Step One

Step 2: On the top right, you find a navigation block titled ‘Apps’. Click the bar where a new page will appears.

Involver Apps

Step Two

Step 3: You will find app titled ‘YouTube Channels’. Click ‘Install’ and this will swerve you to your Facebook account. It will ask you to select your page in where you want to add the application to.

Involver Apps

Step Three-1

Involver Apps

Step Three-2

Step 4: After selecting your Facebook page you have now added YouTube Pages and by adding YouTube for Pages, you are allowing it to access and use your profile information, photos, friends’ info and other content that it requires to work. It will also add a box to your page and can publish Feed stories about your page.

Involver Apps

Step Four

Step 5: Your page will ask if you are allowing YouTube for Pages  to access your public profile, friend list, email address, birthday, work history, interests, current city, website and likes. If you agree then YouTube for Pages would ask you to manage your Pages and access your Page and App insights.

Involver Apps

Step Five

Step 6: By completing subsequent  steps, you can now integrate your YouTube videos in your facebook page.

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  1. Thats So cool. Nowadays blogging are in next move. “Video Blogging” Hope this will help more..
    Thanks Sri Krishna.

  2. Really nice, i added my youtube channel to my facebook page.

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