How to Rip Flash Video From Websites Easily

Many sites over the Internet use flash as a technology to display videos or other content on their website. Flash is pretty amazing technology as it make many things possible on the web.

Web developers used flash to make some really great websites that were both functional as well as feature rich. These websites looked great as well. Many sites use Flash to display video on their website and I am a regular visitor of one such website. Recently I had to leave for a place where the Internet connection is not that stable and hence I decided to rip videos from the website that I would watch later.

Some of my friends asked me how I was able to do so and they insisted I tell them the process and hence in this post I am going to write about a process through with you can easily rip Flash video from a website. This is a really great tool that I use and I will tell you how to download, install and use it on your PC or computer and this is a very useful tutorial so lets start and see how to complete this process.

What software to use to rip Flash videos?

This is it, I use the amazing Movavi Screen Capture Studio for my PC or Computer to rip the Flash videos and I am going to tell you how I do it and why I use this specific software.

First of all, this software is really easy to use and then there is the factor where I can decide the part of the screen I want to capture. So, if the Flash video plays in a small part of the screen, I can capture only that part.

Then comes the feature using which I can record system audio, so the audio from the video gets recorded alongside automatically.

Download, install and use Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Now that we know which software works best for this purpose, let us take a look at how to download and setup this software.

Downloading this tool

· Head over to this webpage and download the setup by clicking the download button.

· It will download an exe file and after the download is complete, just double click the file in order to run the setup.

· Now when the setup runs, you need to choose appropriate options as per your choice and the whole setup process will be completed within 1-2 minutes.

Let’s move on to the usage part.

How to use this tool?

Using this tool is just as easy as installing it.

· After installation, start the program and you will see a window similar to this.


· Now setup the video capture area so that the software will only capture the area you have covered.

· Now play the flash video and start the recording by clicking the REC button.

· Now that you have started the recording, you can see the recorded video later by editing or just like that.


· You can control the recording easily as well.

Now that I have told you how to rip Flash video file from a website you can now do this on your own using this software.

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