How To Start Blogging – Tips For Starters

Blogging can be fun and an interesting hobby that one can take up, as they help you bring out your thoughts, views and opinions to reach more people out there on the internet. But blogging can be tricky and problematic if you are not aware of the complete stuff on blogs. Once you have decided to start a blog there are so many factors that you need to think about such as …

  • What your blog must focus on? – The Subject!
  • Decide on the goals and the purpose of your blog at the first level.
  • What visitors would expect from your blog?
  • How blogs fetch you the right profit / meets the purpose?

Blogging tips for beginners

Starting with blogging:

There are so many other terms in blogging. When you take a glance of these terms you can understand that there are several things that you need to find an answer at the first level.

  • Blogging can be done for fun, spread your thoughts and views, to share your knowledge or to enhance your business with some advertising stuffs.
  • Choose a consistent URL for your blog that matches with the subject and theme of your blog. Do not change them again and again as they may reduce your blog’s popularity due to technical issues on link reference to your site.
  • Enhancing blog’s outlooks: Make your blog look the best with some themes and also you can enhance the performance of your blog with some blogging tools.
  • Be clear in choosing the subject on analyzing how popular the topic is to reach more audience. You can go for topics that are search engine friendly and most commonly discusses subject as they have more things to share and discuss upon.
  • Identify your readers, which set of people are you focusing upon? Find out more on the reader’s expectation and some essential stuff on how your blog must look like to attract more readers.
  • Freshness of your blog matters a lot, come out with new article posts that are fresh and unique with some new information, images and videos for your audience. This creates an interest and curiosity on their first visit making them come back to your blog again for new updates. Include unique contents that are of high quality and best in providing information to the readers.  Include lots of new stuff, ideas and tips in case you discuss about any issues
Pavan Somu is an Tech enthusiast and loves to write Blogging Tips on www.GeekandBlogger.com. You can catch him on Facebook, Twitterand Google+
About Pavan Somu

Pavan Somu is an Tech enthusiast and loves to write Blogging Tips on www.GeekandBlogger.com. You can catch him on Facebook, Twitterand Google+


  1. Thanks for publishing my post. Hope this will help the readers of your blog 🙂

    • This is the First Guest Post on bloghover. Thanks for contributing your work on our site, Hope it will be helpful for everyone who go through the article.
      Have a great day 😉

  2. Congrats to both of u … yes Pavan it was helpful

    • Thank you Sis 🙂 It’s a pleasant surprise to see you on this site. I think it’s your first visit…! Amazing thanks to pavan for making you visit the site 😛
      Have a nice day 😉

  3. Nice post.. I hope this article would definitely useful for new bloggers.. Thanks for sharing, keep writing.

  4. Hi Pavan,
    The only advice I can give newbie bloggers is to not stop from blogging. If they opened up a blog to earn some money from it, then they should not stop and get discouraged if they don’t earn money after a few months. Earning from blogging is a long process and is not a get-rich quick scheme.

  5. Selecting a topic for the blog requires attention and consideration. If you are into a business you can start a blog discussing about the industry you are operating in or the products and services offered by your company. Always prefer to select a topic that can be presented by you in an impressive manner. Make sure, you have in-depth knowledge of the topic selected by you so that you can provide the best to the readers and more visitors towards your blog.

  6. do you know how i can make my traffic to increase even as a newbie blogger?

  7. Hello Pavan,

    Nice list of useful blogging tips. It has included some of the best tips which beginners must know before starting a blog like consistent url, blog topic popularity, content freshness.
    These factors should not be avoided for successful blogging.

    Have a good day..!

  8. This article is very useful for beginners like me .. thank you for sharing

  9. Now those days has been become part of the past when blogging was a little bit easier than nowadays .

  10. Than you Pavan..very nice tips for newbie like me.keep it up!

  11. @Pavan: That’s a nice list you have shared above.

    Per my experience; the most important thing is ‘Patience’ Yea, that’s what I have learned. Generally, bloggers set expectations to get 100’s of hits in the very first month of publishing their blog. We all know, that’s not how things works, and it may take from days to weeks and even months to get indexed / cached in major search engines.

    So, what all a startup blogger need is patience, and then hits will come.

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