iOS 7 It’s Features And Impact On Your Favorite Apple Devices

Apple Inc is yet to launch a new and improved 7th version of its operating system this fall which will be  called iOS 7.  Let’s have a quick look into in’s features for both iPhone and iPad and how it will impact your apple products. The launch will be happening this fall, you are more than welcome to try out the beta version which is available only to the development team of iOS 7.

iOS 7 It's Features And Impact On Your Favorite Apple Devices

iOS 7

iOS 7 most important features for iPhone

  • The icons and menus are Revamped

  • Control center

  • AirDrop

  • Camera mode

  • New Siri

  • Better Safari

  • iTunes Radio

  • Activation Lock

The activation lock feature ensures that the lost mobile if reported cannot be activated without proper authentication, so a major security update is in place for all iPhones. The improved version of safari lets you open more than 8 tabs at a time which will ensure better browsing experience. iTunes radio is a place where you can access different stations and view the songs they’ll be playing. The airdop feature in iOS 7 is apples own personal bluetooth, which lets you share data among the various apple devices.  Think of  the control center  like Android’s Notifications tray where you can stop or kill background process. The overall look and feel of the iPhone is going to improve.

Impact of iOS 7 on iPhone

  • Better security

  • Greater performance

  • Overall look and feel of an iPhone is improved

Even though the iOS 7 is yet to make a debut its created great volumes of expectations in the users of iPhone and the android users are also waiting keenly to see if it’s breaks all barriers set up by android apps and features. But everything is not as rosy as the ios developers claim the following are some of the major disadvantages that iOS 7 did not tell it to the world.

iOS 7 disadvantages(what they didn’t want you to know)

  • No improvement in camera 

  • iTunes radio only works in the US

  • The Airdrop feature works only on iOS 7 or higher

  • Cloud dependency is increased

  • No widgets

These are some of the few things apple developers missed out, but since the actual launch is yet to take place one can never be sure of the actual features that might be updated by the iOS 7 development team. iTunes radio created real good hype in the Apple users as it was not present in the previous 6 versions, but this feature works only in the US as it works on the American radio bandwidth. The lack of widgets in the screen is something that ios users will miss as this was a feature that ensured android success. Once again the Tim Cook led Apple has ensured that the iCloud will be utilised.

iOS 7  for iPad

iOS 7 for iPad

iOS 7 for iPad

Apple has not yet announced anything officially in their Worldwide Developers Conference for the launch iOS 7 for iPad or iPad mini series however the company was quick to release photos of the iOS 7 operating system running on iPad and iPad mini,  this will be something to look forward to in the coming months. Even though the features looks same for iPad and iPad mini nothing can be actually declared since the drawbacks present in iPhone can be improved.

let us know below how you feel about our post and what else would you expect in the upcoming apple iOS 7 os.

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  1. really a good post of iOS7. This is biggest change since the introduction of iPhone.
    I like all of its features.
    Thanks for updating us.

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