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LinkVehicle is a Social Media Marketing website that allows you to make a few extra cash without investing any initial principal. Let us have a quick look about how the website works, and allows you to make extra money.


Using LinkVehicle as a Publisher/Website owner

If you own a blog/website which grabs a lot of attention, then you can have an additional source of income from LinkVehicle apart from the traditional Google’s Ad choice and AdSense method to make money. Writing a review for LinkVehicle is real easy. Your review must be over 200 words long. You have to write each review according to the advertiser’s requirements such as keyword, word count and link details. If you don’t like the advertiser’s requirements, you can simply reject the job. If you’re too busy to write the review, Link Vehicle also has a professional panel of writer’s who will write about the advertiser’s product for a small fee of course.


1) More traffic for your website

2) Extra source of income

Using LinkVehicle as an Advertiser

Say you have a product which you want to promote online, then all you have to do is select one of the many websites that are registered with LinkVehicle. Post your requirement and specification about how you want it to look in the website and finally pay for the ad space. There are a lot of websites from all thye parts of the world that are registered with the LinkVehicle website. Hence it provides you with the best platform to promote your product.


1)Chance to meet global Promoters of your products

2)Promote your product globally

History of LinkVehicle

LinkVehicle is an online SEO Advertising company which has been there from a long time that helps bloggers, advertisers and readers. The website charges a small fee for the services it provides. Payment is done on the 1st of every month through PayPal. The money is shared equally between the publisher and the website.

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