How useful are NoFollow Links?

     Google had recently rolled out the update where guest posts were banned for SEO purpose which reduce the use of dofollow and increase in usage of nofollow links. Since then, it hasn’t been a easy game to gain links. Even if you get one, more often than not it would be a nofollow one.

How useful are NoFollow Links

Yes Google banned guest posting, but is that the only way to get backlinks? The answer is no. Attractive content is inevitable to overlook and is sure to get backlinks automatically with time. There could also be nofollow links among such backlinks, but that shouldn’t affect the amount of traffic redirected towards your site.

Are nofollow links harmful?

Many people believe that nofollow links often affect a site’s rankings. That’s nothing more than a pointless myth.

Google’s executive Matt Cutts dismissed such rumors and said that there’s no way nofollow links would harm your rankings except when you break the rules.

Are nofollow links harmful

You may have left comments at different forums and blogs with a nofollow link, but Google detects it and considers it a spam. However, more often than not, the ones who do it on a large scale get detected. The ones doing it at a lower level get away.

Hence, be careful when you play with nofollow link comments.

Do nofollow links get indexed?

Nofollow links are invaluable in terms of SEO; hence Google ignores it when it comes to indexation.

Do nofollow links get indexed

But that in no sense means that Google does not keep vigilance on them. It’s important for every site to have a mix of ‘dofollow’ and nofollow links. Having all links as clickable is something that Google finds unnatural and can cost you a manual Google penalty.

Do nofollow links generate traffic and leads?

Of course, they do. Nofollow links can not only bring large volumes of traffic onto your site but can also generate leads provided they indicate towards decent optimized pages.

Do nofollow links generate traffic and leads

You can also gain leads from guest posts if you develop an effective strategy for it. When visitors land onto your page, ensure that you have a CTA button that requires them to sign up or type in certain required information.

What about Google Authorship?

Going by some unofficial news, Google has ‘shuttered’ Google Authorship because of lack of usage and by less high profile writers.

There’s no official in-charge of the project as of now, but Google does not have any recent plans to abandon it, says Google employee A J Kon.

What about Google Authorship

However, it’s still a good option to have it with rich snippets and Author stats appearing in Google search results. These help in knowing about the impressions and click-throughs received by new posts.


People that are a part of Google authorship Program can calculate their rank through a tool that’s not exactly a product of Google. In fact, it’s not supported by the search giant in any way, but is still an effective method that allows site owners to calculate their rank.

Google Author Rank

The tool, named AuthorRank, is developed by the SEO company ‘Virante’. You can calculate your author score on the basis of:

  • Google authorship
  • Diversification in the number of sites having content contributed by author
  • Value of each link where author submits content
  • Volume of content produced
  • Content link’s own value


Conclusion on How useful are NoFollow Links?     It’s never a good SEO decision to completely dismiss nofollow links. Whenever you develop your site’s link strategy, make nofollow links a part of it for commenting, forums and guest posting.

Nofollow links diversify your link profile, thereby keeping it healthy and safe. If you do not indulge in unfair means against Google guidelines and honestly work with nofollow links, sooner or later you will see the positive changes. You may notice an increase in the leads generated or a rise in the conversions to your website.

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