Optimize your Blog for Mobile with WordPress

     Are you spending too much time writing content targeted for computer users who eventually read it on their tablets and mobile phones?

The number of people accessing the net through their smartphones has increased tremendously in the past few years. A user accessing an article from his smartphone which is originally meant for desktop reading will have to zoom it and scroll it all the time to read it. Sounds tiring, isn’t it?

Optimize your Blog for Mobile with WordPress

Not every site owner can afford to launch and manage a mobile version of his site. Hence, the best way out is to install WordPress that is built on a subdomain.


A subdomain is a part of the website only. The only difference is it can be optimized separately from the rest of the website.


     For example, ‘http://blog.yoursite.com’ is a subdomain of your site. To make it easily accessible for mobile users, you can install WordPress. WordPress will allow you to choose a theme suitable for mobile phone readers along with rightsizing your site’s logos, color schemes, etc.

Why WordPress?

     WordPress is the most used bogging platform across the globe. WordPress offers unmatchable features to its users, such as dozens of themes and important plugins, which make your blog unique and fascinating.

why wordpress

Plugins make work much easier. You can get a plugin for almost anything you wish to do on your blog. Some of the important tasks that WordPress plugins manage for you include:

  • Doodle search
  • Spelling and grammar checkers
  • Contact forms
  • Twitter feed
  • Chat box
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Polls
  • Ratings
  • Gallery

And the list goes on and on. Make sure you research about a plugin before installing to ensure it’s safe, reliable and useful. Bad plugins can affect proper functioning of your website.

The best way to differentiate good and bad plugins is through their ratings and user reviews.


     WordPress offers thousands of easy-to-use themes available for free and also some free WordPress Mobile Theme. These themes are often self-sufficient in their own and offer a satisfactory user experience. However, if you are good at HTML and PHP, you can further customize it to cater to your needs.

theme wireframes

WordPress also offers premium themes for come with extensive feature list and a fascinating appearance. These start from US $30 and go up to USD 80. Before purchasing one, go for its demo version to see how it will actually look after installation. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your hard earned money on something without satisfaction, would you?

A good WordPress theme shall be responsive and easily accessible from mobile. Read about the theme developer as well before purchasing. A decent after-sales support is essential when you purchase a theme for the first time.

Hosted WordPress v/s WordPress.com

     While both the blogging sites come from the same source, there’s a lot of difference in their utility. WordPress.com is the free version of the famous blogging platform, whereas Hosted WordPress is offered to those that pay a hosting fee on monthly basis. The latter is much more powerful and offers extensive features to its users as compared to the former.


If you’re new to the blogging world and wish to create one for expressing yourself, you’d want to go for WordPress.com. However if you’re well-versed with how websites work and know how to run a commercial website, you would want to go with Hosted WordPress which will support your blog as a subdomain of your site.

With the free version, you get quite limited choices when it comes to plugins and themes. For an enriching experience, you would want to make use of some important plugins that might not be available for free. Furthermore, WordPress.com has limited analytics.

 A regular blog owner might be content with them as he only wants to know about the number of visitors and the major sources of traffic on his blog. However, a site owner would definitely wish to track his website traffic in an in-depth way in order to improve and increase his revenue.


     Mobile phones and tablets come with different screen sizes. When you install WordPress for mobile on your blog, check its readability from as many different devices as possible. Check the text size and ensure that the buttons are clickable. Mobile Phones Allows users to have ease of access to anything they surf on.


Once you’re satisfied with it, go ahead writing your first blog post. Follow some basic rules to make it an interesting read for mobile users:

  • Be short and precise. Write short sentences to make it easy for viewers to read and comprehend. A paragraph should not be of more than 6 to 8 lines.
  • Use sub-headings.
  • Leave a line between two paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points and images for better presentation.

Check the readability of your post even after you write one to make sure it’s ready for publishing.


 Conclusion    Blogging has become essential for every site today. Not only does it reflects your knowledge about the industry, but also brings in additional traffic from different sources.

     Having a platform for accessibility from different platforms enhances your social presence. When a user is able to open your site comfortably from desktop as well as mobile phones, it creates a positive impression and gives the customer a happy navigation experience.

Saikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned.

About Saikrishna Tipparapu

Saikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned.

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