What Rich Snippets Mean to a Site?

Having a great content with enabling of rich snippets and full of accurate information is the backbone for a great SEO. But the problem is that a good text can be read by users and visitors but not by search engines. To make the texts readable to both humans and search engines as well, we use things to increase the readability of the content called ‘rich snippets’.

So, what are rich snippets? Actually, they are just a small summary of the data that users and visitors can expect to see on a page. It will provide a user with quick basic information about the site instead of clicking the webpage and going through the pages to find information that they don’t want. They provide additional information to Google and other search engines about your site or pages so it can display useful information to users.

What Rich Snippets Mean to a Site

Standing out or ahead of your competitors on search engines results is a great advantage for your site and it will increase your site traffic as well as click through rate. Rich snippets also create a sense of authority in search results for your product or brands. When more emphasis is given to your site in search listings by Google or other search engines visitors become more comfortable to visit your site as the search engines are giving them a trusted choice. Rich snippets are a great tool to have for a better SEO, the additional space and exposure it creates for your site listings on search engines are a great platform for getting your information across to prospective customers.

Rich snippets often appear in search engine listings as categories or types such as people(phone number and photos), products(ratings, price ranges, pictures and availability), business and organizations(locations, customers review), events(date, location and time) etc. This structured data helps search engines to understand larger concepts about a site or page. It makes it easier for search engines to recognize specific properties and items through the categorized information provided. Using rich snippets will give your site higher visibility in the search engine results page and also increases your click through rate from organic search engine pages. It is also a great way for business to quickly display products, its prices and the reviews.

When you decide to try and use of rich snippets, it is very important to know how to mark up your site to create accurate and useful snippets and to determine the best way to test the effectiveness of your snippets. The first step is to help Google identify all the rich snippets data from your site by choosing a mark up format like micro data, micro formats or RDA. Then markup the content with HTML tags to give a descriptive name to the content or text. Now you can test your snippets by going to “ http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets “. It will read all your markup data and all the rich snippets present will be displayed to the user. When the markup is discovered by Google, it will start reading all the tags and will display the rich snippets for your site on the search results page.

A small list of tips and tricks for creating rich snippets:

  • Complete Google’s request form to let them know that tags for rich snippets have been added to a site.
  • Google will not display hidden content, so make sure all the rich snippet content is visible to users.
  • Always make sure that the markups match the requirements for each content type.
  • Always verify that the tags and attributes are in the correct form.
  • Make sure that the marked up content is representative of the actual data on the site.

Introduction Video to Rich Snippets:

Hope this article helps you guide What Google Rich Snippets Mean to a Site, Feel free to drop down your suggestions and feedback through comments.

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