Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

Everyone is waiting for the launch of Samsung’s next greatest technology adopted device, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. According to the reports the device will be launched in UK during the mid of July. What all to expect in the smaller Galaxy S4 was a question weeks ago, but giving end to the awaiting, the details of Galaxy S4 Mini was leaked. Hence here we review the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which is yet to be released, with all the expectations, rumors and leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

Release Date

Like said above the whole world and the technology geeks are awaiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The reports and rumors reveals that the device will be launched in June or July since the company won’t lag it so long so as to keep a touch with the parent device Samsung Galaxy S4 which was launched months ago.

The Screen

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

With no effort and thinking we could say that samsung galaxy s4 Mini is pocket friendly. Galaxy S4 Mini will be a pocket fit handset with 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen.  S4 Mini does not have a Full HD display like Galaxy S4 and so posses only a HD display with 960×540 resolution but owns a pixel density of 256ppi, which tells the device has got a sharper display.

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The processor

Qualcomm Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Processor

The information that was leaked leads to the assumption that the Galaxy S4 Mini comes with a 1.6 GHz dual core processor, while the samsung galaxy s4 UK based devices had a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor.

The website GSMArena says that S4 Mini could have an Exyno 5210 APU even though the information is not yet confirmed. There are chances, since at least the model name, Exyno 5210 exists. Therefore the name, Exyno 5210 reveals some things like- it shall be a 5th Generation processor having two cores. Hence we can expect one of Cortex A15 cores and two Cortex A7 cores in the Galaxy S4 Mini, if it follows the same configuration order of Galaxy S4. But only a minor group of Galaxy S4 has an Exynos 5410 and so if the same happens with S4 Mini, probably the device will have only a standard dual core processor with a 1GB memory.


Since the review is made on rumors and expectations, like all other features, the storage volume is also not confirmed. We could expect an 8 GB or a 16GB and in addition we can expect storage expansion up to 32 GB since the prior had a Micro SD card.

The Price

It’s sure that samsung galaxy s4 Mini won’t cost more than 300 pounds since the S3 SIM free was launched at a cost of 300 pounds. And if it does it will be really hard for the company to go up with the device since they will have to compete with companies like Huawei, which too has similarly configured devices. So a price between 200 pounds and 300 will be better.

Further notable features that we could expect in Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini are 8 MP camera with LED flash, optional Dual SIM facility, Li-Ion battery, etc.

This is the brief review of Samsung galaxy S4 Mini that we could make out from the leaked information of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini; remember that these are not confirmed specifications and hence the real thing is yet to be known.


Overall, this smartphone is good looking and simply awesome one. Display is too good and it fits easily inside any pocket. When compared to S4, it is easy to handle and it seems completely user friendly. Camera is also a resonable one with nice inbuit options. While talking about the price, Samsung priced it reasonably and best smartphone for even budget minded buyers. For those who are not able to spend enough money on Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini may be the best alternative for them.

Let us know what you think about this device and make use of below comments section to express your views.

Amar Ilindra, is a full-time blogger from India who blogs at Geek Dashboard.

About Amar Ilindra

Amar Ilindra, is a full-time blogger from India who blogs at Geek Dashboard.


  1. Hmmmmm..
    Fantastic design. I love that it’s slim.
    Thanks for this post bro.

  2. Smartphones are considerably the fastest growing devices today.Thanks for letting us to know about the Samsung Galaxy s4. It is awesome phone..

  3. Its going to be a big confusion for me when it will be released because what I’ll choose between iphone 6 and galaxy s4 mini.. 😛

  4. Samsung introducing Smartphones everyday and also getting success with every device. Galaxy S4 mini comes with quite good features but camera section is little disappointing which is just 8 MP while the Galaxy Zoom comes with 16 MP camera At just a few price gap of Rs. 2000.

    Anyway thanks fo sharing…….

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