Social Media Ranking Factors Under 11 Potential Tips For SEO

Top Social Media Tips for SEOBeing frank search engine optimization (SEO) is either largely influenced or not at all influenced by social media. Now the search engines have declared that they are using additional social media information as part of organic ranking equation. The ranking calculations, they are using the space primarily for the sake of twitter and facebook.

Here are the some of the Top ranking factors which may help you. Feel free to use these factors.

Popularity in Social Media

1. Number of Facebook Fans:-

It is a very good idea if you create your own facebook company profile/page. If you try to engage with customers and potential customers on the facebook, and then consider the amount of likes your page receives which adds value to your URL.

2. Acquiring High Authority Backlinks :-

It is a bit hard one. You need to create a strategy for getting good authority back links. These will act a gold coins and boost a lot to increase the site rankings.

Follow the below steps:-

1. Find out the sites which are having link pages for sites similar to yours. 2. See the content offered by other sites. 3. Email the webmaster, and ask for a back link in a polite manner.

3. Generating User Friendly Contact:-

It is the primitive one for ranking. Avoid using keywords and little content which should be useful to the user. It should be in such a way that the user should love it, and to share on the Social mediasites.

4. Add Fresh Content to Your Site Regularly:-

By adding fresh content to your site, the search engine crawler keeps on visiting your website. The more number of times they crawl your site, the more chances of getting indexed and trust they will start showing but frequency of posting is a mandatory.

5. Number of Fans on Twitter:-

Try to make your own company twitter feed. The more amounts of followers you have, the more solid your twitter account will appear.

6. Use Article Marketing:-

It is very bad to say that use of article rewrite is slowly declining. Try to create unique and original content. Getting links from high quality article marketing sites will help you a lot.

7. Number of Retweets (Twitter):-

If your content is reproduced more no. of times, it mean that it is authoritative. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to be retweeted. It also deals with the engaging in conversation with people in the industry.

8. References From Independent Profiles:-

Everyone can understand the content if it is shown through video. If you work brilliantly using YouTube you can definitely bring good authority. Also give a good title for video, which should be impressive, which will help ensure that any authority passed will be relevant to a particular theme. Use keywords in the tags or transcript.

9. Get Social media Presence:-

SEO and social media both go hand to hand. People are flushing into social sites and you need to feel this as a great advantage to you. If people go on liking, sharing, commenting your site, they would start ranking your website. Each and every factor plays a major role for good search engine rankings.

10. Number of Social Media Mentions on Potential Media:-

Make sure that the content you have posted should be visible across all social mediashows and people should feel that it is very important to them. Being sociable is a simple way of giving you a best rating.

11. Positive Vs Negative Brand Mentions:-

The best tool to use is Radian6.com make sure that you have more positive brand mentions than negative. It won’t be 100% exact that these things do not pick up on sarcasm.

Social Media Ranking Factors For SEO…!

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She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay

About Rashmitha

She is the Student of Computer Science & Engineering who loves to write articles on recent updates and technology. She also writes at Androidsay


  1. Hi Rashmitha,
    I agree with the 11 SEO methods you mentioned although I am somewhat a bit skeptical nowadays with article marketing, particularly with the submission of articles on article directories. I heard that Google now hates those and getting quality backlinks from those is practically a sand in a dessert. Creating quality content and publishing regularly in your site is the best way to go.

  2. Indeed a very good article! For those who do not yet know all can be found in one place!

  3. Thank you for dropping your valuable comment 🙂

  4. I think more than the number of followers or fans, it’s the number of interactions. Simply put it’s about looking popular in Google’s eyes. Obviously other ranking factors would be considers to balance out the spamming of this method.

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