Three Things to Do When Moving Sensitive Electronics

Electronics have become practically a necessity these days. In some businesses, you cannot help but have them. In fact, if they go down, you’re in big trouble. Unfortunately, these electronics are also quite sensitive. They easily jar and disrupt. If you’re not careful, you can break the equipment or end up losing data entirely.

Sensitive Electronics

Taking care of your electronics is essential for getting the most out of your technology. Caring for them in a move is not as complicated as it looks, and with three simple steps that I learned from my time working at a Kelowna movers company, you can do a great deal to minimize your risks.

Back Everything Up

You can do just about everything electronically now. You can change addresses online using any device connected to the Internet, and you can back up all your data from the notes on your system to the multi folder project. In fact, with the development of the Cloud, there’s no excuse not to back up your work.

Backing up your work should be done on a regular basis. It’s essential, just in case the worst case scenario occurs. Generally, you should back up your work anywhere from once a day to once a week. However, you should do this before your big move as well. No matter how well you pack your devices, an accident in the van could leave them destroyed.

Contact the Cable Guy and Internet Guy in Advance and Confirm When You’re Moving

At least three weeks before it’s time to move, contact your cable provider and your Internet provider. If it’s the same person, so much the better. Make sure that you have all the details worked out. The majority of businesses that rely on electronic devices also rely on Internet and cable connections.

After you get this set up, you need to then confirm on the day before the move that everything is in order. If they assist you with the hook up service, then confirm the time that you will be there. Make sure that if you are delayed that you then update them. Respect their time and know that if they have conflicting requirements that they may not be able to wait for you.

Pack with Soft Materials

Newspaper used to be the stereotypical packing device. Then crumbled butcher paper came in vogue. For those who can afford it, foam peanuts. However, if you want something that will protect your electronic devices from scratches and soften any jolts in the ride, your best bet is to use soft materials like blankets. Avoid scratchy materials like wool and polyester. Brushed cotton, faux suede, and other soft textures are good options.

Wrapping using soft materials like blankets is slightly different. You pack the bottom of the box with a layer at least three inches. Then you wrap the entire electronic device in at least two layers of blankets. This protects the screen and helps keep everything in place, and it will help protect the technology more effectively. Even if you have a touch screen with a screen protector, it’s best to give it the extra padding.  Place large items on the bottom and lighter items on top as you would with normal packing.

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