Top 15 Android Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Yesterday were the days when you were gifted with mobile phones that used to benefit you through text messaging, voice calls, alarm clocks, calculators, measurement converters and etc. It had made your life easy. With the time getting old, your demands were growing younger and younger and you were always looking for more applications that would make your life easier than before. Science have always been hearing the demands of the people and helping them to get what they are really looking for. In this course, many different applications were invented.

But after Android smartphones were invented, it was a revolutionary jump in the world of technology. The users were made more accessible to better applications. Despite the fact, confusions are still hovering around the thin air on which apps would be the best for which device. With this thing in mind, we have listed Top 13 Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 and are the must have for this smartphone users because these apps will definitely make their life go with ease.

1. Google Chrome

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If you have Samsung Galaxy S4 then you would go without getting inside the wed world and for this, Google Chrome is the best browser for the Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S4. There are few android smartphones that do not have preinstalled web browser and you might wonder to get it downloaded and installed with some cash payment. But you need not worry because this application is available free. With this app, you can simply bookmark your favorite URLs from your Google account.

Google Chrome Android App for Samsung Galaxy S4

2. WhatsApp

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You might have spent a lot of money in messaging your dear and near ones. You might be very tired of asking you mummy for more pocket money or spent a lot of your hard-earned money in recharging the phone balance. If that is the case, you can go for WatsApp. You can exchange your messages without getting your money balance being reduced. WhatsApp is available in Samsung Galaxy S4 and that is definitely great for you, isn’t it?

Whatsapp Android App for Samsung Galaxy S4

3. ChatOn

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With this, you can do a lot. You can send videos, texts, pictures as well as audio and multimedia data. Moreover, you might be a great lover of group chat and with this getting installed in your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can enjoying group chatting and the contents can be saved as well. If you are fond of animation, you can animate your favorite character and enjoy.

Chaton Android App for Samsung Galaxy S4

4. Tango

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If instant messaging, chatting or phone calling has not appeased your need for effective communication then Tango can be yet another favorite app because it will help you to have video chat. You can do this across multiple devices. Additionally, user can also be advantageous from voice calls, share photos and send texts.

Tango App For Samsung Galaxy S4

5. Flayvr

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With Samsung Galaxy S4, we believe that you have now become a photographer and take snaps with lots of interval of time. On the other hand, you are surely tensed to manage it properly and use it for future reference. If this kind of condition has really tore your brain down then downloading and installing this Flayvr will be of utmost helpful. With this app, you can easily manage your photo gallery. It uses the time management and manages your photo as well as video albums into one app.

Flayvr App For Samsung Galaxy S4

6. Swiftkey

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With Samsung Galaxy S4, now you have QWERTY keypad and typing the letters will not be difficult like in alphanumerical keypads but are that enough. Understanding the heftiness that you have in your daily life, Swiftkey has been developed to make your typing more easily. This app monitors every word that you type in the social media and email account that you use and automatically figures it out what you are going to type. This makes it easy for you to communicate with the text more efficiently.

Swiftkey App For Samsung Galaxy S4

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7. Plume

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You must be a Twitter enthusiast and must be having some difficulties updating your tweets with simple apps that you have but now, you need not worry because now, you can have Plume which is an alternative to Twitter app and has best and all functional features. With this, tweeting will be easy, effective and full of fun. It supports widgets, multiple accounts and you can synchronize your Facebook account with this app.

Plume App For Samsung Galaxy S4

8. 1Weather

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Climate change has affected the world in many ways and you are not always sure what kind of weather is approaching you. For this, you need to have a reliable weather updating app that you can blindly believe it. If you are really need this kind of benefit then opt for 1Weather because it is the highest rated weather app among the entire Google Play Store. You will be able to read real time weather of your local environment and also get updated with the global weather forecast.  You can get the benefit from the forecasts updated on hourly basis because it follows your location.

1Weather App For Samsung Galaxy S4

9. Spotify

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Are you a music maniac? If you are then this would be another great choice for your Samsung Galaxy S4 because you can easily get latest music with this app. You can stream your favorite music and buy the same. It is very simple because you can just pay $10 per month and dive into the pool of music and get updated. It also has a catalogue that you select millions of songs to listen.

Spotify App For Samsung Galaxy S4

10. IM+

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Messaging has been playing a great role in today’s world. People are always looking for instant messaging and for this, IM+ has sounded and proved to be the best. All the major chat services like VKontakte, Weibo, SINA, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger, Fetion, Yandex IM, Odnoklassniki.Ru, Jabber, AIM/iChat, Gadu-Gadu, MeinVZ and others are supported by this app.

IM+ App For Samsung Galaxy S4

11. Instagram

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Sharing the photos has now become very addictive. No one can live without showing or sharing the pictures that you have. With this in mind, Instagram is now available for your Samsung Galaxy S4 and it will be very easy for you to do that. Just download it and install. Through your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can create outstanding photos.

Instagram App For Samsung Galaxy S4

12. Viber

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In this world of communication, nothing is possible without sending and receiving information. On top of that, you are always looking for free services. For this purpose, you can now talk with your friends without getting charged. Plus, you can text your messages and send photos and videos across the globe. For this, all you need to have is the app in your Samsung Galaxy S4 which is widely popular and it is Viber. It gives up superb sound quality and communicating with 40 people at once is possible.

Viber App For Samsung Galaxy S4

13. Feedly

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Google Reader has now become an old fashioned app with the advent of Feedly so to be updated in this world of software, you have to download and install Feedly which is the best app for your Samsung Galaxy S4 to get updated with news around the globe. Plus, you can have the fun of using YouTube, RSS Feeds and read blogs and other websites.

Feedly App For Samsung Galaxy S4

14. Volume Booster

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Are you fed up of listening to the low level sound of your gadget? Now, you need not worry because by just having an easy available software in your Samsung Galaxy S4 you can boost the volume. If you haven’t heard about ‘Volume Booster’ then you are now reading right. This volume booster will make your sound 20 to 30 percent louder.

Volume Booster App For Samsung Galaxy S4

15. Evernote

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Are you a business person? Another question is, are you a student? Or are you a journalist? If yes is your answer to one of the questions here then this app will be the best choice because it enables you to take notes without any hurdles. This note taking app aggregates your notes, web clips and pictures at one place.

evernote app for samsung galaxy s4

If we miss any important apps do let us know through your valuable comments 🙂

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  1. Hey Saikrishna…this is such a great post..all the apps written above looks great..i have already used 6 of these 15..but i think, i should try others also..Thanks about Flyvr, that would really help..

  2. vanishaa says:

    hi…I Uninstalled samsumg apps by mistake. ..and i’m trying to Download it again. ….but can’t find it…!!!! Please help

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