Top 22 Stylish Windows 8 Themes of 2013

Top 22 Stylish Windows 8 Themes of 2013

You might have gone bored after looking at your computer screen that has same old pictures, textures and colors. You might me searching for different ways to make it look fresh and better. Well, this job is very simple. You can just download some good themes available in the net and you can do this with a snap of a finger. We have here posted great 22 Windows 8 Themes and you can selected some for your computer system. Besides that, we recommend you to download all of these themes and change it every day to feel and see fresh every day.

You can apply different wallpaper to each display and is allowed by Windows 8 personalization and you can do this in the dual-monitor set up as well.

By default, adding custom or third party themes is not allowed by Windows 8 but you can do this by modifying or patching three system files and they are themeui.dll, Uxlnit.dll and uxtheme.dll.

You can take the benefit of UltraUxThemePatcher for patching these files. You can just download the application and install it by following simple instruction on it. To bring the system into effect, you have to restart the computer and now, you are on.

1. GI Joe Retaliation Windows 8 Theme 

GI Joe Retaliation Windows 8 Theme

You must have watched G.I. Joe Retaliation in March and still, you might still crave for its characters and awesomeness. Windows 8 Theme has brought the action-packed movie for your computer system and makes you actually boast on what you have. Nine amazing movie backgrounds are all what the theme is boasting.

2. Tattoo Girls Windows 8 Theme

Tattoo Girls Windows 8 Theme

Tattoos are not just something for boys only but throughout these years, they have become essential ornaments for girls too. Enjoy the imprints of awesome tattoos on beautiful ladies in Tattoo Girls Windows 8 Themes. It has multiple color combination making your backgrounds vibrant. Containing 8 gorgeous girls and celebrities like Megan Fox, this theme will portray you as tattoo trendsetter.

3. Smithsonian Photo Contest Windows 8 Theme

Smithsonian Photo Contest Windows 8 Theme

Here Microsoft has presented the photos that reached the final stage at Smithsonian 10th annual photo contest. The pictures here are captured by world-class photographers around the world and now they are going to be on your computer system. The Windows 8 theme consists of 14 exotic and dashing backgrounds including the rice plots in the Bac Son Valley of Vietnam, peculiar moments of ants holding seeds and others.

4. Cute Rabbits Windows 8 Theme

Cute Rabbits Windows 8 Theme

Rabbits have always considered as one of the cutest animals and are adored as pets around the world. You might have always wanted to get it inside your home territory. If you are not being able to get those in your house due to some reasons then you might want to get it in your computer system. You can have these adorable rabbits through the Windows 8 theme as they have brought 8 adorable rabbits.

5. Big Wave Surfers Windows 8 Theme

Big Wave Surfers Windows 8 Theme

If you are extreme sports like big wave surfing lover then here you go. Here you can have great combination of challenges that humans keep against water reaching 50 ft above them. The Big Wave Surfers Windows 8 Theme has 7 spectacular moments of big wave surfers that might bring you the adrenaline rush to experience the extreme form of water sport.

6.The Himalayas Windows 8 Theme

The Himalayas Windows 8 Theme

You might have had exploring to The Himalayas as one of the action in your bucket lists and still you are not being able to get it though. Remember, how a mountain expedition would be like. Going to hiking, climbing and scaling a mountain. This theme will take you to the peaks spanning 2,400 km that crosses the boundaries of 5 countries. The theme has 9 spectacular views of the greatest mountain range ‘The Himalayas’ that were formed some millions years ago.

7. Michael Jordan Windows 8 Theme

Michael Jordan Windows 8 Theme

Respecting the one of the greatest players, Michael Jordon is not new to basketball lovers. Windows has developed Michael Jordon Windows 8 Theme to commemorate his 50th birthday that will contain some of his best photographs during his affiliation with Chicago Bulls captured with lot of hard work. You can enjoy with his 8 studding moves and beautify your desktop.

8. Snow Sculptures Windows 8 Theme

Snow Sculptures Windows 8 Theme

You might have tried sand sculptures but snow sculpturing requires luck. If you are not lucky enough to go with snow sculpturing then why not going with its theme on your computer screen? Remember, snow sculpturing requires lots of patience but it is not the same with the theme because the Snow Sculptures Windows 8 Theme is all ready and simply downloading them and installing is remaining. With these themes, you can have greatest pictures of snowmen that artists have built employing their great hours. These pictures within the theme have come from different countries including China, Japan, Canada and Europe.

9. Sea Bridge Windows 8 Theme

Sea Bridge Windows 8 Theme

Bridges will always make your mind remember that you still have to go a long way to the top if you want to rule the world. With this theme, you will always remember you destination in life and makes you motivated all the time. With the color lavender, this theme created by Microsoft has cool wallpaper with the widescreen wallpaper resolution of 1900 x 1200.

10. Windows 8 Professional Theme

Windows 8 Professional Theme

You have not installed Windows 8 and if you still want to make your desktop look more professional them you can go for Windows 8 Professional Theme. The icon provided by the theme is very nice and is only compatible with Windows 8.

11. Autumn Theme for Windows 8

Autumn Theme for Windows 8

Trees and leaves are always mesmerizing your eyes. With leaves and tress on your theme, you will be highly benefitted with health point of view. The color of the window is leaf having the wallpaper resolution of 2560 x 1600.

12. Moon rise Windows 8 Theme

Moon rise Windows 8 Theme

Moon is considered as the most beautiful gift of nature in the universe hanging up in the sky. If whole whole admires it from the earth, let yourself love your computer by installing the theme because the widescreen wallpaper coming up with 2560 x 1600-resolution will definitely makes your computer hailed from the moon’s surface.

13. 2013 Sony World Photography Awards Windows 8 Theme



Now, you can have award-winning photographs on your system because this Windows 8 Theme boasts the collection of photos aggregated from The Sony World Photography Awards, an annual world photography competition. The photographs selected for the theme has been selected among 12,000 entries received from 170 countries. By downloading and installing this theme, you can have 8 custom theme containing 8 professional photos snapped from across the world.

14. Iron Man 3 Windows 8 Theme

 Iron Man 3 Windows 8 Theme

Iron Man 3 has been hitting the theaters and is the hottest topic when Hollywood updates is concerned. Latest wares and antagonist from these movies is the attraction for this theme that contains 12 photos and backgrounds from the movie. Just have the million playboy Tony Sparker and lovely lady Gwyneth Palthrow.

15. Fast and Furious 6 Windows 8 Theme

 Fast and Furious 6 Windows 8 Theme

You must have your thrill running down your spine with all the explosions, testosterone, racing automobiles through the box office hit – Fast and Furious 6, the 6th series of the legacy. If you want to have collest cars from the movie in your Windows 8 system, then downloading and installing this theme is the right choice. It has 6 photo scenes from the movie including high quality pictures of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and the Rock.

16. Giant Ferris Wheels Windows 8 Theme

 Giant Ferris Wheels Windows 8 Theme

Oh My God!! You must have not still forgotten the excitement of the ride that circles your brain even after getting down on the ground. We are now pointing on one of the greatest amusement ride- ‘The Ferris Wheel’. It is certain that whenever you have a merchandize of such Ferris Wheel, you have your exciting ride even if you are sleeping on your bed. If you want same kind of thrill while doing your work on your computer, then getting this theme requests you to get, set and go. These theme has brought a collection of largest Ferris Wheel around the world including London Eye, the Staten Island Waterfront, the Niagara Falls Ferris Wheel, and the Ferris from Osaka of Japan along with breathtaking backgrounds.

17. Valentine’s Day Windows 8 Theme

 Valentine’s Day Windows 8 Theme

As Jim Morrison said, ‘Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself – and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is’, love is the thing that needs to be expressed. If you are not getting any point on how to shower you love to someone, you can do this with getting up a theme. Especially on Valentine’s Day, you can get this theme as it has beautiful pictures of puppy, valentine petals, heart shaped island,

18. Rare Full-Color WWII Photos Windows 8 Theme

 Rare Full-Color WWII Photos Windows 8 Theme

It has been more than 70 years since the World War II was brought to an end and it is still fortunate of us to being able to hear the stories of how the battle world used to like. Nevertheless, if you are now tired of listening to the stories then you can see the high quality pictures of the saddest stories yet historical. Windows 8 theme has brought you rare pictures of World War II shot by Alfred T Palmer, photographer for the US Office of War Information.

This theme has full-color photos including engineering tems, factory workers, army mechanics and other US army forces.

19. Chinese New Year Windows 8 Theme

 Chinese New Year Windows 8 Theme

Do you know, Chinese New Year spans a total of 15 days and the first day of this celebration has 3 days holidays. Compiled by Bing, this Chinese New Year Windows 8 theme has nine HD pictures painting the festive event.

20. James Bond Aston Martin Windows 8 Theme

James Bond Aston Martin Windows 8 Theme

Who don’t wish to ride Aston Martin? The James Bond signature ride can now be on your computer theme as Window 8 theme has brought 9 amazing views of its different models. Just download this theme and get Aston Martin DBS model that you can see in James Bond’s Casino Royale.

21. Simplex Windows 8 Theme

 Simplex Windows 8 Theme

If you require to have simple and light theme then it will be great if you made Simplex Windows 8 Theme. It has minimal windows buttons. Administering a third-party tool is required to make the window more transparent.

22. Base Windows 8 Theme

Base Windows 8 Theme

If you wish to have a dark taskbar that is enough to draw the attention of your desktop them Base Windows 8 theme is the right one. It has HD quality background images and when set with the default, it will rotate automatically.

 Hope you like Collection of this Windows 8 themes. If we miss anything let us know 🙂

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  1. I just love the Iron man and the rabbit windows 8 themes. They look cute and hot.

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  3. Wow!! the GI joe and Fast and Furious Theme are the best i’ve ever seen. Thanks and keep continue the Good work.

  4. thanks for updating me with the collection of themes.., i loved the GI Joe retaliation(my favorite movie) theme, 🙂

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