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Windows Surface

Now that you have owned Windows Surface, you might be wondering how others users are being highly benefitted from the tablet and wishing someone to suggest some apps of windows surface that would take a shape of great importance to you. This powerful PC that came in tablet form with Intel® CoreTM i5 processor is compatible with broadest range of peripherals and software. Where these are the capacities of Windows Surface, we have bulleted some must have apps for Windows Surface with a guarantee that those would definitely benefits you a lot.

1. Tweetro

For Windows 8, Twitter is developing an official app but between these situations, there are already few apps for the purpose of displaying twitter conversations. The app ‘Tweetro’ is believed to me more advantageous because it has a great user interface that not only display conversations but also opens links via an in-app browser. It also gets bonus points for Live Tile support. Managing different twitter accounts are now very easy.


2. Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 would be assisting to you as it allows your videos in all formats to get played without ease. Even if you have large number of videos collected, it would be easy for you to manage them properly, especially are giving you the joy of video stabilization, adding subtitles and 3D rendering.

Multimedia 8

3. Metro Commander

You cannot see the metro version of Windows Explorer or File Explorer. Though you can access File Explorer through Desktop mode, it would not satisfy your need. It boasts metro interface for file system navigation but moving or copying files will not be effective through this process. Here, you can have Metro Commander because it is a must have app to navigate the file system through the Metro interface. You can read two separate views of the file system and with this, you can easily drag and drop files from one location to another.

Metro Commander

4. News Bento

Since RSS feeds are getting popular day by day, there are many RSS readers in the Windows Store. Many users have complaint that some of them are not responsive. But ‘News Bento’ is now become the best because this app comes pre-installed and is free. You can choose your category like business, news, technology and sports. You can search for your information as per your need.

News Bento

5. Custom Tiles Maker

As you have already now that Metro interface also functions live titles. Just imagine, how great it would be if you are being able to create your own tiles. Exactly, it would be great. Custom Tiles Maker makes you to create simple titles, cycling tiles and changing tiles. Not being limited to this, you can also create such tiles with any number of rows and columns that you need.

Custom Tiles Maker

6. Nextgen reader

Nextgen reader is the app for Windows Surface developed keeping the priority of both desktop and tablet. It is like a desktop feed reader as you can read the list of your feeds at left-hand side on the screen. On the right-hand screen, you will be reading a reading pane. Once you will tap the logo of the app, it will flip into Modern view with feed articles turning into familiar Windows 8 tiles. This will make the user to read on a tablet. However, a Google reader account is mandatory here.

Nextgen reader

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