Top 6 Security Tips to Keep your Smartphone and your Data Safe

The Smartphone has opened new doors for its users to the internet world and any other area of concern. You can make your Smartphone hold your personal details, which includes your phone number, address, passwords for the sites you use, credit card and bank accounts details, photos, and many other data, which can actually be a threat to your security, So you will need more than just a unique iPhone case to protect your Smartphone.. But, this should not keep you worried about making the most out of your Smartphones.

Top 6 Security Tips to Keep your Smartphone and your Data Safe

Here are a few tips that can help you safeguard all your personal info stored in the Smartphones.

1. Lock Screen Security

If your job involves moving from your desk a lot or even; otherwise, it is better setting the lock screen protection for saving your data in the Smartphones.  You do not need to take any efforts to use this security feature as all the phones from all manufacturers do have this security feature. You can also set the feature in a way that all the data get erased when someone tries breaking it open. This can be based on the number of failed attempts. If you use an Android phone, there are free apps like autowipe to perform this function.

2. Be Cautious On Apps Downloads

Apps too have a share of pocketing your personal information stored in the Smartphones. Do not get tempted by the free apps, and check if they are available from the original company and from the reliable developer. At times, even the improved version of apps is available for downloading, but do not get cheated. Look for the details that vouch for the reliability of the apps you download. When you are downloading apps for financial sectors, for example, the banks, the apps should not come from a seller but from the bank itself.

3. Mobile Antivirus Software

Get reliable security software for the devices you use. For example, if you use Android Smartphones, then Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android can be used. You need to get the best antivirus, to stop the third party and fishy apps and links, stealing data from your Smartphone. Choose the right antivirus software based on the customer reviews.  Bitdefender Antivirus, the company which makes this product, has earned many positive reviews from its users. Antivirus software prevents you from losing important personal data and information that shouldn’t be lost or leaked to the wrong hands. In the event your software crashes and you are at risk of losing your data, you can find information on http://www.securedatarecovery.com/services/database-data-recovery to decide which steps you should take to recovering your important information.

4. Beware of Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are definitely tempting, and of course, most people will start using all possible sites on the Smartphones. At airports and other places, you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots. But, do not start using the sites where you would be giving confidential information. Accessing such sites can be a threat to your privacy. Such free Wi-Fi hotspots are most loved spots of the hackers who steal personal data.

5. Password Protection

This is again a simplest way to protect your Smartphone. Most of the Smartphones let you open the data with the swipe patterns. When you do it over a period of time, the hackers only know about the pattern with the greasy marks on the screen. So, go for the conventional type of password, which is better when there are both alphabets and numeric involved.

6. Use the Technology

You can create a backup of the data as many online malware can wipe your stored data in a few seconds. Also, install the tracer apps for your mobiles like for iPhone go for apps- Find my iPhone and for Android phones you can try out Locate My Droid. You can also choose to remote wipe your data or remote lock the phone with a few apps, when the device is stolen or lost.

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