Top 9 Blackberry Apps in 2013

Until a few years ago, Blackberry was only used by corporate workers and for work only with a limited range of apps. Now with the advancement in mobile phone technology and app development industry, every phone company is upgrading it’s handsets to make it user friendly and with more apps availability. Blackberry before with it’s limited range of apps and only a limited target range of users was lagging behind despite of a good following. Here we will provide you with a list of 9 best apps for Blackberry for 2013. It may seem unrealistic but most of the apps on the list are designed for the latest high ended handsets from blackberry.

blackberry apps

1) Music with me:

A handy but pricy solution to all the cable plugging for music transfer to your phone. This app does not stream music to your handset but instead pushes music playlists from your iTunes library to its online service which you can later download to your handset over Wi-Fi or 3g connection. The download can however take time to download depending on your connection speed but it’s the best way to get your favorite music.

2) Hullo mail:

This app will provide you with iPhone like visual voicemail where you can see what messages you have and from whom have you received the message in your inbox or wherever you read your mail. You can also record your own hullo messages in your voice to send to your friends or family.

3) Home to Phone:

It is easier for you look up a phone number on your desktop but dialing it on your phone will require you to visually copy the number on your phone before dialing. This app will make it easier for you dial any number you have on your desktop by sending directly to your phone. You can also send URL from your phone to your desktop if the browser on your phone is finding it hard to cope with multiple pages.

4) Kayak:

One of the best sites for finding the best deals for hotels and flights Kayak can now be on your blackberry handset. Very convenient tool for corporate people who travel a lot or for travel loving junkies, now you can find the best deals for hotel bookings and flights’ from your phone.

5) Paypal:

This simple and easy to use Paypal app lets you make online payments from your phone to people in desired currency. It also allows you to view your account balance, recent deposits, transfers and withdrawals.

6) Astrasync:

This is another mail app for your blackberry but with a little difference and extra advantages. It works with services like Hotmail and Gmail to make it easier to get over the air calendar and contacts sync; it also syncs your deleted and read messages and works without a blackberry data contract so it will save you a lot of money too.

7) Vlingo:

A voice controlled app, this will allow you to have take a dictation on your phone apart from other facilities like using your voice to search the web, updating your status on Facebook and Twitter and dialing with voice. You can also launch apps with voice and have your messages read out to you.

8) Kindle app:

The kindle has been finally launched for blackberry. This app will allow you to browse a variety of literature including books, newspapers and magazines. This app is available in English and French and will allow you to sample books before you make the final purchase. It also provides you with personalization choices like setting he text size, background color and reading in either landscape or portrait mode.

9) UFC app for blackberry:

For the diehard fans of MMA (mixed martial arts) blackberry in association with Zuffa and LLc has brought the UFC blackberry app to life for the new blackberry 10. Now the fans can watch pay per views fights and never miss out on the action packed events on UFC. The users can also gain access to unlimited scoops in the world of MMA and pre fights events and many more information. You can also buy MMA memorabilia and MMA stuffs from the UFC store and chat with other fans on the app about upcoming events or your favorite UFC fighter.

Hope you like all the list of Blackberry Apps. Please provide your valuable feedback through comments, we like to add more apps into the list.

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