Traditional Advertisement VS Classified Advertisement

 Classified Advertisement

Classified advertising is that form of advertising which is principally used in newspapers, online, etc. which might be sold or allocated free of cost. Ads in a paper are usually short in size because they charge by the lines written. Now-a-days we get the opportunity to place a classified advertisement free of cost which can be known as free classifieds advertisement.

Every free classifieds website follows a different principle and has different groupings for their customers. Anybody who is interested in assigning an ad has to first complete the registration form and submit it. After that we are allowed to post the advertisement content along with the details to contact. To make the advertisement more attracted we can also put up images.

The classified ads were typically a part of the print media. From the last few decades, newspapers have been offering special pages and columns for the paid classified advertisements. These are now slowly and steadily being swapped by the online free classified ads. The most prominent reason for the shift is the growth and development of internet and its users.

We have certainly moved on to a technologically advanced and forward looking society. Here people contact with each-other through the electronic medium most of times. Therefore, the web-based advertisement posting sites are on its rise due to their demand and popularity.

In today’s fast world of course web-based option is absolutely better than the traditional methods. If we place an advertisement in a newspaper then only those people will come to know about the ad who will read that particular newspaper. But the best part of free classifieds ad is the free availability and mass, global reach. Anyone can register itself to post a free classifieds for selling, buying and do other types of activities. Since these entries offer absolutely free of cost space, a small trade owner can also put up his/her details to form a better online presence.

These websites are quick in doing actions and attaining responses. This way has changed the system of shopping in the places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. The shoppers of these places use these ads for buying every type of product. This is because all sorts and sizes of products are found. This approach of services in marketing is very compulsive and compelling. The customers of this site have given very remarkable responses.

The free classifieds ads are very particular in nature. These are meant for a definite purpose so that the shoppers can reach the point that accurately matches to their relative demands. The individuals and small traders are also taking the advantage of these ads. They are getting good returns from business. This remark has increased the number of sellers which ultimately makes it easy for a buyer to choose the right dealer for him/her. These free classifieds display all the relevant information along with the statistics. This helps the buyers to contact the advertiser in a hassle free manner without taking a lot of time. It also saves time and the hard earned money of the people which would have been wasted simply.

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